The Q asked and the #Natville Pax delivered. 17 men including YHC posted for the first day of workable weather at this AO. 17 – how appropriate to welcome our newest member (FNG – Dawson Brady – 17 years of age), now forever known as Yo Adrian!

***3F Highlights Below*** Bird’s Nest Site Q

The men gathered, announced we had an FNG present, YHC razzed our newcomer by asking if he brought his signed permission slip. Graciously,  Q let him participate regardless (in a voluntary capacity of course). T-claps to Bird’s Nest for reeling them in, there clearly is 0 malfunction in his equipment.


Disclaimer (Parent/Legal Guardian covered)


  • Laps around basketball court
  • Lineup along sideline (growth is nice)
    • Line Jumps
      • Forward
      • Lateral
  • A-skips
    • Height
    • Distance
  • Carioca
  • Back pedal

Pax did line jumps and increased gradually in length and direction then did one of the exercises across the court.

The Thang

Station 1

Stair Circuit

  • Climb Stairs (5 circuits complete)
    • 20 Dips
    • 20 LBC’s
    • 5 Box Jumps (3 stairs)
  • Last circuit Pax were instructed to stop by the #fitnesscenter and do 10 man dips
  • Forearm Plank until 6
  • Mosey to field for 3 Box jumps
  • Mosey to Asphalt for some light exercise to catch our breath (QIC was feeling generous)
    • Carioca
    • A-Walk

Station 2

6&12 starting on the diamond at home plate. YHC announced since we were on a kiddie field it was now 4 & 10. Pax lined up and were each given a number/position 1-9. Each circuit (9) men rotated to the next numerical position. Men huddled at home plate and broke to various chants. Only those present know our ways. Show up next time!

  • Sprints to position and return after exercise
    • 4 seconds for infielders
    • 10 seconds for outfielders.
  • Exercise once at position
    • SSH x 20 IC
    • Squats X 20 IC
    • Merkins x 20 (speed count)
    • Plankjacks x 20 IC
    • Ice Skaters aka Nancy Kerrigans aka Joey Cheeks (Bodett) 30 (15 each leg)
    • Diamond Merkins x 25 (speed count)
    • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
    • Combo
      • Merkins, Plank Jacks, Diamond Merkins 20x20x20 (speed count)
    • Combo
      • Squats, Ice Skaters, Split Lunge jumps 20x20x20 (speed count)

Return mosey to picnic tables for 20 quick dips


  • 30 Frogs – minus the crunch
  • 10 WWII situps (OYO)
  • 20 Intermediate crunch with feet interlocked.
  • 20 Toe Touches (elevated feet) (IC)
  • Circuit (no rest)
    • 20 Flutter Kicks (IC)
    • 10 Low Dollies (each leg Boatshow)
    • In-and-Out Burgers x 10
    • 20 Freddie Mercuries (IC)
  • Simpsons
    • Homer-to-Marge x 20
    • Marge to the roof x 10 (each leg Boatshow)

Boatshow took issue when I announced 10 and went to 20.


FNG – Dawson (Foy) Brady – 17, student at Caldwell Academy, box, play golf, has an affinity for retro T’s (Italian Stallion)

Announcements (silent) (time constraints) 

  • Pray for Nixon who experienced a heart issue Saturday
  • CPR (FREE) training (non-certification) Moses Cone Hospital 2/19 6:30 – 7 a.m.
    • email J-Love by 2/12 to sign-up. T-claps to J-Love and Tammy for setting this up.
  • Service Projects
    • visit with Butt Fumble to find out how you can serve (weekly email)
  • 3rd F’s are thriving. We can use more. Volunteer. See J-Love

COT – YHC took us out with a message for the hearts of our men, the holes we have, and how to fill those holes through Christ. Praying for purpose for each of our men.

Always a pleasure to lead in His name!


~ Big Mitt

Highlights from 3rdF at Search Office on Pembroke led by Bird’s Nest

Reviewed Chapter 20 of John where he reveals his purpose for this letter. (Verses 30-31)

  • Serious look at Christ
    • How we lived
    • How we treated people
  • Signs – Miracles
    • CHOSE 7 (highlight chose because he performed many more)
    • Not stopping at the sign (miracles)
      • purpose of miracle was to take a look at the Man who performed them
      • God’s Son
        • trust Him
        • gives us life
        • complimentary upgrade

Chapter 2

  • 7 Miracles
    • Discussion of “Miracles”
      • Pop culture may describe miracles as sunsets, child birth, cured diseases etc.
        • truth = those things happen every day, and nothing out of the ordinary (natural order) took place for them to occur. NOTE: Bird’s Nest is in no way discrediting the marvel of those occurrences/actions
        • purpose = upgrade our mindset of what a miracle truly is
      • Definition: Miracle – act of God that interrupts/intersects/supersedes the natural order of things.
  • 1st Miracle
    • H20 – Molecular Structure
      • changed to wine (no fermentation, no yeast, no sugar, no time
      • Molecular Structure of the liquid was changed.
  • Natural Order
    • Example given of Martians analyzing traffic patterns at an intersection
      • Red light = Stop, Green light = Go, Turn on red, etc.
      • Sirens go off, vehicle cruises through red light, nothing happens
      • Emergency transcends/supersedes the natural order of the law/pattern
  • Miracles fall into 4 windows/periods of time
    • founding of Israel – Moses
    • calling of Israel back to faith in God – Elijah/Elisha
    • Jesus and His disciples
      • authentication of being God and his messengers
    • Jesus returns
      • restore creation and usher in eternity
  • Authentication (Jesus claiming to be God)
    • Scene – ministry has headed north to Galilee (ministry HQ)
      • Wedding (present – Jesus, mother Mary, His disciples)
      • Sub-plot
        • Mary impregnated as a young-mid teenager out of wedlock (Scarlet Letter)
          • claimed the child was conceived by God
          • Town scoffs at her claim
          • son becomes a carpenter
          • mother asks her Son to reveal himself as He truly is
            • confusion – Mary was asking Jesus to take his place as King of the Jews (OT prophecy)
            • Mary is not aware of what Jesus’ purpose was on this earth this time around
            • yielded His retort “Woman, why do you involve me?…My hour has not yet come”
              • She know not what she was asking of Him
    • 3 days after His baptism and being with His newly acquired disciples, Jesus performs His first miracle and reveals himself
      • Wedding Venue out of wine
      • Servants approach Jesus as instructed by Mary
        • Jesus instructs to fill the jars with water (6 stone jars – 20-30 gallons)
          • first batch given to “Master of Banquet” think Franz from Father of the Bride
          • Servants attested where the wine came from, “Franz” was unaware
          • Franz served this wine to the bridegroom and was complimented for saving the choice wine for last. (Mostly people bring out the best first, and save the cheap stuff “Boone’s Farm” (he was present) for last when the people “drunk”
        • Question: Do you have a consumer mentality “things work out”, turn a blind-eye? Think of Franz. He avoided disaster, miscalculate proportions. 
          • God uses you
            • How has He uniquely placed you? 
              • He is up to something!
    • Verse 11
      • “…He revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in Him.”
        • 3 days into this discipleship, Jesus revealed himself. Did not leave his brothers hanging.
    • 13 years of Bird’s Nest’s ministry…He has never been asked to reverse God’s hand #deepthoughts
    • Warning: Most dangerous thing in life is to tell God you are available:
      • He WILL use you
        • as evidence in our community, F3, Site Qs, EH, Pax, 3rd Fs etc.

Bird’s Nest prayed us out and we’ll pick up next Tuesday resuming chapter 2 and take a look at the 2nd miracle. We still have plenty of room for veteran and new pax alike. You know someone that needs this.  YHC would urge the men to take a look at the questions in bold and search within.  #giveitaway

PAX: Big Mitt

QIC: 02/02/16