On a warm early February morning in the Sauna (P1 Level of Old Forum 6 Parking Garage off Pembroke), 27 Pax showed up to their day started.  We had (1) FNG – Jerry Johnson (Dynomite) and (1) Visitor from the Fort (South of Charlotte, Pusher, they workout at Carowinds, run between north and south carolina border, #callborderpatrol).  We had a great group and everyone was pushing themselves and encouraging others.  Great to see Amphibious out there albeit showing up during Merkins and trying to Omaha block work at 6:07.  Kept pushing until 6:12 am (#getwhatupay4).

Went down something like this:

Quick disclaimer was given – U versus U, etc.

Short Mosey and Sacked called out Sun Gods while running.  Great to see Sacked out there this morning!  Hope to see TPS back soon.  Stopped mosey and circled up for 20 merkins oyo and then Butt Fumble called SSH and Q called it out by 25 IC.  Finished with Chuck Norris x 10 oyo.  Then counted off by 3. Split into teams of 3.  #1 teammate started at station #1 and teammate #2 at station #2.  #3 teammate would run and relieve teammate at station.  All teammates would cycle thru the station and then run and go to next station.   Do exercise at top of the list and work down each time arriving at the station.  At each station was 20 lbs landscape block used during most exercises.  There was some sprinting going on out there as the footsteps kept everyone pushing.

Station #1

  1. Jack Webb
  2. Tricep Extension
  3. Curls
  4. Overhead Press
  5. Bent Row
  6. Kbell Swing
  7. Straight Lifts
  8. Clean and Press
  9. Tricep Extensions
  10. Curls

Station #2

  1. Smerf Jacks
  2. Squats with Block
  3. Sit Ups with Block
  4. Low Slow Flutter
  5. Jack Webbs
  6. Lunge with Block
  7. Hold Block over head
  8. Bench Press Block
  9. American Hammer
  10. Body Builder

Got thru about #8 on the list before time was called for 2 MOM with Bedbug taking the 1st exercise of LBC x 30 IC (#keptgoing&going).

Q called Wicked routine of 10 flutter kicks, followed by 10 low dolly, and then 10 high dolly straight into 20 american hammers x 20 IC.

Q read Lynda’s backblast from the crater yesterday.  Liked the part of F3 dues and Wojo’s response!  LOL!  Q called for dues of 7 burpees oyo.  Think Bedbug was saying this was not the way it happened.  Anyhow, Q wants to be like Lynda when he grows up!  Thought that was awesome!


COT by Wicked



  • Birdsnest 3rd F exploration of John.  Great 3rd F opportunity!
  • Stinky Cheese is collecting shoes and partnering with Fleet Feet (March 19th).  Shoe Qs are needed.  Trying to get Tennis Shoes/Running Shoes.  3 for 1 mentioned receiving the shoes at the Men’s Warehouse on Battleground.
  • Butt Fumble mentioned community housing solutions on March 19th.  Work day for disadvantaged families.  Butt Fumble needs the Pax to sign up.  Amphibious mentioned needs the no brains, strong back guys.
  • 2nd F gathering this Thursday on 2/4 at 7 pm to watch the new movie 13 hours at Red Cinemas.  Jlove and Daphne leading the charge.
  • Defib mentioned having hands on CPR training at MCH after Latham Grinder one morning (still be scheduled) and trying to get AEDs for each of the workouts (trying to raise money).
  • Tommy Boy is putting together a team for Heart Association (see details from Butt Fumble).  May 21st is the date.  We need some team leaders to step up.  Need each Site Q to get 10 walkers each.

PAX: Wilson

QIC: 02/02/16