YHC didn’t think it was fair that only the great people of Iowa got to vote on caucus day. Therefore, the Craterites had the opportunity to vote not once but three times during the beatdown. Elections results:

*Music for the pain stations (Yes or No) Yes won hands down

*Music Playlist (Adele’s top hits, Classic Metal or Classic Hard Rock) Classic Hard Rock won (Bed Bug deeply disappointed that Adele lost)

*Most despicable Exercise of the Day (see list below): The winner was: Peter Parker/Parker Peter/Merkin combo. Runner up was the Austin Shuffle.


Seven burpees OYO, mosey to warm-up circle with the following: side shuffle left & right, high knees, butt kickers and Cusack.

  • SSH X 25
  • Mountain Climbers X 20
  • Wind Mills X 15

Mosey to the Bridge

The Thang

As YHC demonstrated few new exercises, the PAX were instructed to do Lunges, Sun Gods and Chinooks. After the demo, the Pax were told to count off 1 thru 6 (some were numerically challenged) then disperse to the six pain stations scattered throughout the area. PAX then instructed to move in a clockwise rotation upon finishing the station. All exercises OYO and go at your own speed (no partners or team rotation).

Station 1

Austin Shuffle (Lunge Left, Lunge Right, Body Destroyer) X 10

Jumping Lunges X 20

Station 2

Ski Abs X 20

Peter Parker/Parker Peter/Merkin combo X 20

Station 3

Monkey Humpers X 20

Sumo Squats X 20

Station 4

Dips X 20

Derkins X 20

Station 5

Rock Merkins (one hand on rock other hand on ground) X 20

Air Presses X 30

Station 6

Turkish Getups X 10

Moguls X 30

Mosey back up hill to school – Stop at soccer fence for Pre-Ground Hog Day special – 20 Deep squats using fence for balance – 10 jump up arm extensions


Over under X 25

V-ups X 8

LBS’s X 20 (courtesy of Phoenix)

Supermans X 20 (Courtesy of Bed Bug)

Crab Cakes X 47 (Magic number of the day)

American Hammer X 30

COT – LYnda took us out


  • YHC thought it would be fun to play a February 1rst fools joke on the PAX by claiming that an email came from the F3 Muthaship stating the membership dues were being implemented this month.(Wojo was in Shock). YHC then revealed that the membership dues were 7 Burpees OYO
  • There was a considerable amount of mumble chatter revolving if the Q had a bad weekend, anger issues or collaborating with Kilowatt due to picking these horrible exercises. YHC responded that he was happy and had a good weekend
  • Nancy sent in an absentee vote for Turkish Getups (sorry that was the only vote)
  • Laundry was flying off 5 minutes into the station rotation
  • Strong effort by the PAX this morning – getting stronger!


  • 3rd F at Panera immediately following this work out
  • Nixon had a minor heart issue on Saturday, going to the Cardiologist today – please prey for Nixon
  • Wojo stressed the importance on carrying a phone with us at all times during the workout and why J-Love is working with Tammy on CPR classes and raising money for AED’s
  • Snookie mentioned that the older guys need to pace yourself and listen you body and not to over do it on the workouts
  • Heart & Stroke Walk (Q= Tommy Boy) – May 21st : Momentum is starting to build for a big F3 #Natville showing at this event. Would like to have at least 10 men per AO to come together for this event. 5 guys have stepped up and joined the team already. Contact Tommy Boy via the
    • Twitter @PhunnyHaHa for more info. – http://heartwalk.kintera.org/faf/teams/groupTeamList.asp?ievent=1139740&lis=1&kntae1139740=F3C9CC9B1C574437A1970139EDD3DA0C&tlteams=6622613#join

Thanks for allowing me to lead gentleman!


PAX: LYnda

QIC: 02/01/16