27 including VQ post for inside voices. After a small delay and a few coming in hot we start with the warmorama.

Ssh x 30 ic

Sun gods x 20 ic each

short mosey to the parking lot and contraction of the warmorama:

Hillbillies x 30 ic

Flock o seagulls x 30 ic

Merkin x 15 Ic

The Thang

Nancy took the reins for The Thang and began with a mosey to the Matterhorn Wind Chimes. Pax circled up planked till the six arrived and Nancy called the following:

Imperial walkers x 25 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

Mountain climbers x 20 IC

Peter Parkers x 20 IC

Six Inch 10 Count

Mosey back to the big parking lot, where some traffic barrels and a cone #notCityproperty were set up in three stations in a large triangle of pain. Pax counted off in fours. Ones, twos and threes went to their respective stations. Fours started at station 3 and ran to station 1 to begin the rotation between the three stations. Each exercise was done until relief arrived in the form of a sweaty guy calling out your name.

Station One: Arms


Jack Webbs

Carolina Dry Docks

Station Two: Core


Crunchy Frogs

Low Slow Flutters

Station Three: Legs

Goblet Squats

Lt Dans

People’s Chair

It wouldn’t have felt like a Nancy workout without going breathless with a sprint relay. Pax stayed in their teams #sorta and enjoyed a nice, long sprint across the long end of the big lot. #TClaps to Beaver for going twice and almost #splashingmerlot.


Burpee oyo x 10

Low slow flutter x 30 ic

American hammer x 20 ic

Alphabet A-M together

Plank count around the circle

finish up alphabet N-Z together

plank count around the circle to fish Mary.

cot to follow with hospital name, f3 name, age, and sign.

Sorry for the delayed back blast and I am honored to have lead!



PAX: Refi, Boonesfarm,

Brown noser, Beaver, Long time, Donneian, Hoser, Ryan Lynch FNG Tesla, TPS, Phoenix,

Rachet, Gold Digger, Ugga, .Edu,

Mr. Miyagi, Lynda, Footloose, Tebow, Fannie, Gunny, Cummings, Prophet,

Hush puppy, Lightyear , Rooster,

QIC: 3 for 1, Nancy