17 Pax enjoyed the balmy morning at Circle Time. Long Time decided to skip the mosey and roll in for most of the Warm O Rama, but is welcome whenever he shows up. YHC tried to introduce a few new things along with the tried and true, a dubious choice given the mumble chatter. Everyone seemed to enjoy the bulgarian split squats and especially the five minute plank. YHC is happy to please and will be breaking out some other new core fun in the near future – SYITG soon! Beware the frisbees!

Mosey around outside loop

Warm o Rama

SSH x 25 IC

Sun Gods x 15 IC (forward and reverse)

Chinook x 15 IC (forward and reverse)

Windmills x 20 IC

Copperhead squats x 20 IC

Mosey to picnic tables

11’s with derkins and bulgarian split squats

Mosey back to parking lot for a four corners escalator

1st stop: 10 burpees, run to next stop

2nd stop: 10 burpees, 20 lunges (each leg), bear crawl to next stop

3rd stop: 10 burpees, 20 lunges, 30 merkins, run to next stop

4th stop: 10 burpees, 20 lunges, 30 merkins, 40 squats

Run around parking lot and start back down the escalator till Q calls Omaha


5 minute plank, yes this was popular! Not easy but a good way to check our progress periodically.

American Hammer x25

COT: Matlock took us out. Thanks for your good words to start the week.


Long Time is asking for new Q school graduates to step up and Q or co Q a workout.

Bodett and Everest indicate that they have openings for new Q’s at Circle Time and Local Honey. Reach out to them and sign up!

Matlock is recruiting for team mates for Valentine’s Day Massacre relay race.

New third F starts today at noon at Elizabeth’s Pizza on Lawndale. Read the Bible in a year, led by Bedbug.

Third F at Hush Puppy’s house on Sunday evenings. Next one will be week after Valentine’s Day.

Always an honor to lead. Thank you for the opportunity.


PAX: Hush Puppy, Drizzle, Matlock, Wicked, Rooster, Schnitzel, Stage Fright, Sticky, Whaaa, Long Time, Eagle Eye, Bubba Gump, Bodett, Xerox, Mr. Miyagi, Brown Noser, Everest (QIC)

QIC: Everest