Despite fair warning, 47 of #Natville’s finest abandoned the warm confines of the #fartsack and opted for a #greybeard #beatdown at this morning’s rendition of Cornwallis Nightmare.  Lesser men would have made a different choice.

YHCs retelling of the #problematic #sufferfest that transpired begins…

Short  mosey from shovel flag, then circle up for


Sun Gods 15F, 15R IC

SSH x25 IC

Burpees x5 OYO

Copperhead Squats x20 IC

People Chair Air Claps, X 20 IC

Burpees x5 OYO

IWs x20 IC

Windmill x20 IC

The Thang

3 Man Grinders

Separate into 3 man teams

Partner A stays at Station 1 and begins exercise 1.1

Partners B and C mosey to Station 2

Partner B stays at Station 2 and begins exercise 2.1

Partner C runs back to Station 1 to relieve Partner A

Continue until time is called.

Station 1: End of Parking Lot – Near Gate (Cinder block exercises)

  1. Block Merkins (one arm on block, Merkin, then switch arms)
  2. Shoulder Press
  3. Goblet Squats
  4. Clean and Press
  5. Triceps extension
  6. Lunges
  7. Curls
  8. Blockees (Burpees w/ Block)

Station 2: Intersection near the Shelter

  1. Prisoner Getups
  2. Merkins
  3. Monkey Humpers
  4. Dips on Rock Wall
  5. WWI Situps
  6. Step/Jump Ups on Rock Wall
  7. Wide Merkins
  8. Turkish Getups

Indian run back to shovel flag for 6MOM.


LBCs x25 IC

Low Dolly x20 IC

American Hammer X25 IC

COT: Gilligan took us out. (#Tclaps. YHC notes his respect for this #HIM.)


  • Welcome Fins (FNG Brett Grieves)!
  • YHC noted the raucous #mumblechatter during the Warm-a-rama. #Tclaps Daphne, J-Love, et al for helping keep the energy level up.
  • #Tclaps Stage Fright for the effort this morning. YHC observes that this brother continues to get stronger with each workout.
  • A two wheeled Hushpuppy #LIFOs the workout, bursts into the warm-a-rama, and begins to hammer out burpees. YHC observes that this brother has strength and wheels to go along with his previously observed INSPIRATION. (F3 Lexion Lesson: INSPIRATION = The words and deeds of a HIM that contribute to Influence. The “I” in the IMPACT Components.)
  • On YHC’s observation of his mystical appearance among the pax… “Half a workout is better than none.”  – Stinky Cheese (#LIFO)
  • #Cobains for the slight time overrun this morning.  Lots of good information about upcoming events and service opportunities shared by the pax (see Announcements below). It’s time to step up and be #HIM in our community.


  • Fri., 2/5 – Uptown Funk (Site Q = Quicken) #greybeard beatdown V2.0 with Daphne and Kilowatt on the co-Q.  YHC awaits information from Quicken to confirm AO location.
  • Upcoming Shoe Drive (Q = Stinky Cheese): Tentatively March 19, Date to be confirmed, Partnering with Fleet Feet Sports, Treat yourself to some new kicks and donate your used shoes to a worthy cause.
  • Annie Update:  Update from Daphne, Annie is doing great and continuing to recover from a recent heart attack, He is walking up to an hour a day and dropping a few lbs.  Continue to keep him in your prayers as his recovery continues.
  • Men’s Clothing Drive for Grace Community Church Emergency Winter Shelter (Q = Buttfumble):  Update from Birdsnest.  Any clothing is needed – not just winter gear.  We all have stuff shoved back into the closet and drawers that we’re not using.  Dig through there and bring your donation to Butt Fumble at a future workout.
  • Heart & Stroke Walk (Q= Tommy Boy) – May 21st :  Momentum is starting to build for a big F3 #Natville showing at this event.  Would like to have at least 10 men per  AO to come together for this event. 5 guys have stepped up and joined the team already.  Contact Tommy Boy via the Twitter @PhunnyHaHa for more info.
  • Guilford County Schools Male Summit (Q = Stage Fright): March 19th.  Info is available online  This event is open to both men and 2.0s.  Breakout sessions on leadership for the 2.0s are planned.  Also, planned are speakers to address among other topics.. being a male mentor for youth on our community.
  • New 3rd F (Q = Bedbug):  Starting this Monday, 2/1 at Noon at Elizabeth’s Pizza on Lawndale.  Read through the Bible in 2016. Schedule will be to meet every other Monday.   If you need a Bible with footnotes, please contact Birdsnest.
  • CPR Class (Q = J-Love)Feb. 19th after Uptown Funk.  #Tclaps Tammy for helping line this up.   This price is right for this one… It’s free.  See sign up sheet attached to Butt Fumble’s previous email.  J-love is continuing to pursue purchasing an AED for F3 #Natville.  If you have any info related to grant availability, please contact J-Love .
  • Blue Ridge Relay Info Session (Q = Kilowatt)Wed., 2/3 at Tap Room #HDHH.  Informal info session for all #Natville pax interested in the 2016 BRR.  #pax that were part of the 2015 team are encouraged to attend to help answer questions and offer your personal perspective on this CSAUP event.

#Tclaps Sacked for the opportunity to lead this morning. Always an honor.



PAX: Kilowatt

QIC: 1/30/2016