Warning! if you have no interest in rucking you may want to stop here, it may be a long one…

7 posted to the first Uptown Funk “pre-ruck” at 0500 this morning. Back Blasts will probably not be a norm for pre rucks, but since there have been a lot of pax interested and asking what this ruck stuff is all about, yhc thought it would be nice to throw one out to let the pax see what we did and provide some details.

The pax met in the Childrens Museum parking lot where we normally park for Uptown Funk and threw on the rucks. A “ruck” is a back pack with weight in it. Some are more technical than others with Go Ruck or 5.11 brands on the higher more technical end, but a regular style like an old school Jansport or any pack can be used.  You can weigh them down with plates or bricks or dumbells, whatever you can find or feel like purchasing. YHC has a serious gear problem which the M and Woody will attest to. Knowing I would eventually want a nice set up, I went ahead and invested in the GR1 from Go Ruck and a 20 lb plate that slides in the pocket. When you see the price you will understand why the word invested was used… The “Sedgefield Clown Car” rolled in hot and they quickly assembled their rucks with bricks, towels and duct tape and that seemed to work well. 4-6 bricks is recommended and I think they all went with 6? #Beasts. You want the load to sit as flat and high on back as possible. And you want it to be secure and not move around so you can do bear crawls and merkins etc without getting knocked in the back of the head.

With rucks strapped on we walk at a good J-Love pace the Bellemeade parking deck 7 story spiral ramp. It took approx. 5 minutes to get there from the Children’s Museum.

We went to the top of the spiral, and did these with rucks on-

Air Squats IC X 15

Merkins IC X 20

Back to the bottom and do-

Curls w Ruck IC X 20

Back to the top and do-

Overhead press w Ruck IC X 20

Back down the spiral and head back to the parking lot with 30 seconds to spare before launch of Uptown Funk. And a great Q by Everest and Xerox.

More notes and details- Rucking

Jolly Roger from F3 Isotope and some other experienced ruckers have been generous with their time and giving us good information to get started.

Matlock will lead a one hour pre-ruck tomorrow before Cornwallis Nightmare. Gather 0555 and launch at 0600 from Jaycee at normal launch spot.

Jolly Roger and Dallas from Isotope will come up Saturday Feb 27th to lead a one hour Ruck. We will do this at Lake Brant trails and meet at the Marina. Look for more details from Matlock and or YHC on this.

Why Ruck ?-

Variation of workout. If you are in F3 you don’t like doing the same thing over and over and that’s why you are here.

You burn 3 X the calories walking with a  ruck on. so you can eat 3 x as much, right ?

More 2nd F. While walking with a ruck you are able to talk more to the guy beside you.

A chance to get into the woods and trails some and experience more of the outdoors.

Cool events- F3 sponsored events like the upcoming HTL in Asheville. YHC has committed to the “tough” and need some guys to go with me! These events challenge you mentally as well as physically and are team focused.

There are many other reasons but this post is long enough.

Hope you will come out and do some rucking and help grow this in Natville.

Enjoyed being with you guys this morning and its always a blessing,



PAX: J-Love, Bubba Gump, Bartman, Explosion, Cheesy Poof, Tammy, Gilligan

QIC: Gilligan