45 Pax including one FNG joined the Silver Sneakers’ Traveling Burpee Show. The energy this morning was fantastic and inspiring for YHC. Starting with a pre-beatdown Ruck, through the workout, and into the third F discussion afterwards there was abundant energy and mumble chatter. With over 100 years of experience on Q today we broke into two groups for a modified Burpee Block (thanks Quicken). Fortunately Xerox brought his protective eyewear so that there were no injuries from flying weinkes. We made it through 2.4 miles according to my watch with several stops for exercises. Welcome to Mr. Miyagi (FNG Nick Dawson). After some parliamentary debate, we renamed the Pax formerly called Tea Bag to Earl Grey. Thanks for the honor of leading this morning, it was very motivating and humbling.


Side straddle hops 20 IC

Hillbilly 20 IC

Sun Gods 15 IC (both directions)

Copperhead Squats 20 IC

The Thang: Workout inspired by the Burpee Block workout from Quicken of several months ago. It went something like this….

Group A (Xerox) : runs to parking lot on Market and Davie for warm o rama. Four corners where we will exercise:

1) Market and Elm

2) Elm and Friendly

3) Friendly and Church

4) Church and Market

loop is 0.53 miles around

Group B (Everest) : runs to parking lot on Church and Washington for warm o rama. Four corners where we will exercise:

1) Washington and Davie

2) Davie and Market

3) Market and Church

4) Church and Washington

loop is 0.56 miles around

Thang: (run clockwise always)

run to corner 1, do 3 burpees 6 squats 9 plank jacks

run to corner 3, do 6 burpees 12 squats 18 plank jacks

run to corner 2, do 9 burpees 18 squats 27 plank jacks

run to corner 2, do 12 burpees 24 squats 36 plank jacks

run to corner 1, do 9 burpees 18 squats 27 plank jacks

run to corner 3, do 6 burpees 12 squats 18 plank jacks

run to corner 4, do 3 burpees 6 squats 9 plank jacks

Run back to Children’s Museum parking lot for 6MOM and COT


A few changes on our regular routine to keep us sharp (thanks Xerox):

Not sure what to call these, but they were fun!

American hammers with bicycle kicks x 20 IC

LBC with legs to the sky x 20 IC

Seated Freddy Mercuries x 20 IC

Creepy Crawlers x 15 IC (Chilcutt Peter Parker)

COT: Everest led us out.


Quicken asked for Pax to step up and volunteer to lead Uptown Funk. All those new Q school graduates need to step up and give it a shot. Plenty of help is available as needed.

Everest encouraged the Pax to try a third F. Very informal setting and great opportunity to get to know the Pax better and to grow stronger.

Hush Puppy mentioned the Grace x 2 discussions at his house on Sundays. Please come out and join.

Stinky Cheese mentioned used shoe drive with Fleet Feet Sports. March 27 is the day. Bring your used shoes out to Fleet Feet and put them in the donation box. We may not think much about them but our shoes can really help others who don’t have any to wear.

Butt Fumble mentioned the men’s clothes drive through March and the March 19 volunteer opportunity to help some needed people with home repairs. See his weekly email with details.

J-Love mentioned February 19 for CPR class. Thanks to Tammy for putting this together. It will be at 7:00am after this workout. It is free and we all really need to sign up and participate. You never know when you will need it but we need to be prepared.

Surge asks the Pax to reach out and encourage others to keep posting. It is easy to get wrapped up into other activities and to stop posting, particularly on these cool mornings. Let’s reach out to others and encourage them to keep coming.

PAX: Hush Puppy, Explosion, Rhonda, J-Love, Butt Fumble, Prophet, Bartman, Bubba Gump, Cheesy Poof, Quicken, Tammy, Wait Time, Wicked, Woody, Gilligan, Play it Again, Bird’s Nest, Drysdale, Elsa, Tea Party, Rooster, Nick Dawson (FNG: Mr. Miyagi), Short Track, Outhouse, Mayor, I-Beam,Hazmat, Polo, JR, Ashley, Surge, Ozark, Earl Grey (Tea Bag), Big Mitt, Lightyear, Wide Left, Secretary, Ozone, G-String, UGA, Gold Digger, Lazy Boy, Stinky Cheese, Everest (co-Q), Xerox (co-Q)

QIC: Xerox and Everest