We had 18 PAX post today for a focus on super-set strength training.

Here’s how we rolled:

Warm – a – Rama:


Imperial Walkers


Sun Gods


  • left leg up and right hand up with a 10-count from Yeti
  • right leg up and left hand up with a 10-count from Sacked

Introducing the “Splunch”  (Side PLank Crunches)

  • Hold a side plank with R hand up, put R hand behind your head, then bring R knee to R elbow
  • Do same thing on other side.


4 pairs of exercises, performed in 1,2,1,2 order, 1 min. AMRAP each exercise with 10 sec. rest between.

  1. Clean and Press (alternating arms)
  2. Merkin plank up with row and triceps extension


  1. Goblet squat curls (squat, lower the weight, stand, complete curl)
  2. Reverse lunge then shoulder press while lifting same leg as arm that is pressing up


  1. “Pterodactyl” – a curtsey lunge with simultaneous side shoulder raise
  2. Bent-over fly with dead lift


  1. Ski squat (feet together) into a front shoulder raise when standing
  2. Bridge with chest press and pull-over


Next we pulled out the HERNIATED DISKS (Frisbees) – Not as much fun as it sounds.

Put one disk face down on the ground under each foot, hold a plank and “wheel barrow” (minus a partner holding your legs) approx. 20 feet.

PAX rotated between disks and taking a lap around the lot for roughly 5 – 7 minutes.

Mind the frozen puddles!!!


WWII Crabcakes

Slow Peter Parkers

Dying Cockroach

Box Cutters

American Hammers


Kilowatt is Q at Cornwallis’ Nightmare tomorrow.  Come out and show your support!

Yeti doing breakfast burritos at his home Feb. 19 and the M’s and 2.0s can join us to deliver the food to the homeless at City Center Park on the 20th after Inside Voices.

Ruck tomorrow morning at 6 am around the park just before Cornwallis’ Nightmare.

Nancy and 3 for 1 tag teaming Inside Voices tomorrow.  3 for 1 will take his first solo flight on the 17th.

Thanks for taking us out Sticky, and for the reminder that we are leaders in our work force and our community whether we like it or not.  Let’s make sure we are leading others in the right direction.

Great way to end the week guys.  Have a great weekend.


PAX: Nomad

QIC: 01/29/2016