20 PAX braved a little black “ICE, ICE BABY!” to spend some time running some hllls at race pace this morning at the Stampede.  In addition to the usual disclaimer, Nancy (after falling executing a spin coming out of his home), warned about the dangers of black ice. YHC was impressed by the great turnout and effort showed by all today.  We had a good mix of skill levels for a workout that, I hope, challenged us all.

Welcome to Danica who posted for the first time today at the Stampede.  #Kotters to Bodett and Boatshow for returning to the AO.  Glad to have all of you!

Here is what we accomplished:


  • SSH X 20 (IC)
  • Imperial Walkers X 20 (IC)
  • Windmills (Don Quixotes) X 20 (!C)

We concluded warm-o-rama with a group mosey for .7 miles to the corner of Starmount Dr. and Knollwood Dr. and, along the way, engaged in a quick round of butt kickers and high knees.  Several patches of “Black Ice Baby” were found and skated successfully.

The Thang

Our work today was to run Fartleks at race pace up Knollwood to the intersection of Madison, and then return down Knollwood at recovery pace.  Fartlek training “is simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.” YHC encouraged running at 70-85% during the intervals. The routine was repeated for Wedgedale, Brentwood, Forestdale and Beverly, with the one exception being Brentwood, where the PAX ran at race speed up W. Brentwood, recovered along Madison and then ran at race pace down E. Brentwood to Starmount.

In an effort to keep the PAX together, YHC divided the group into foxes and hounds.  For each sprint, the hounds were told to give the foxes a 15 second head start and then do their best to run to the front.  This would have worked better had the hounds heeded the 15 second request.  Average wait time was 5-8 seconds. #someguysalwayshavetobefirst

First rule of survival when being chased: you do’t need to outrun the bear, just the guy beside you!

The PAX planked at the Starmount interaction of each street.to wait for the 6. Upon completion of the Beverly interval, the PAX tightened up to mosey, together, back to basketball court at Lindley Park for a very short 6MOM.

Run Stats: 3.65 miles, 38:57 minutes.


  • American Hammers X 21 (IC)

COT: Nancy took us out

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • Great effort today men and what a great group! Thanks for coming out today.  Fartlek training is not easy on a flat surface so the hills we ran today helped us all #getbetter. #harderthanitlooks.
  • Need to audit the time keeping skills of the Hounds (Refi, Kay, Footloose, Boatshow, Cheesy Poof and others) – you boys are plenty fast to give the Foxes the full 15 seconds.
  • Welcome Danica and welcome back to Boatshow and Bodett.  Boatshow showed up today because “he has a race in February and needs to train.” Oh to be 22!
  • Special thanks to LYnda and Amphibious for helping keep the 6 company.
  • Someone left a head lamp at the AO this morning. Nancy


  • 3rd F following workout today at Green Joe’s on Battleground (Long Time on Q) and tomorrow at Panera on Lawndale (Everest Q).
  • Challenge from Nancy: “If 20 can show up for the Stampede, then more than 2 can show up for #SoleCrusher Sunday morning.” Distances for everyone; launch at 06:30.  TClaps to Nancy for launching and serving as Site Q.  Check it out this Sunday!
  • 3 for 1 has his VQ at Inside Voices on Saturday.  Come out and support him as the PAX swims/skates around Lindley Park.
  • Tommy Boy (Cory Phillips) is asking for all Natville PAX to join and support the Guilford County Heart & Stroke Walk on May 21. Let’s support Tommy and more importantly this fight. We need team leaders and walkers to sing up. Tommy Boy wants F3 to provide the warm up and possibly F3 workout demonstrations along the route. if you want to participate as a team http://heartwalk.kintera.org/greensboronc/f3natvillepax See him if you have question.b
  • Qs set through Feb, see Cheesy Poof if you want to Q in March or April.

Always and honor and a privilege to lead.  Thanks, Cheesy Poof, for the opportunity!


PAX: Wojo

QIC: 10/28/16