18 men helped YHC through his VQ at Slammin’ Sammy’s.  Fortunately the temp had risen above freezing for this mornings workout. Unfortunately, the melting snow created a virtual lake out of the AO that had originally been planned. After a few adjustments, the workout was set.

In the interest of Fellowship, YHC suggested that PAX partner up with someone that they did not know or had not partnered with before. #newbestfriend


5 Burpees OYO, mosey to  Baseball Concession Stand, 5 Burpees OYO Mosey to entrance of Baseball parking lot 5 Burpees OYO  Circle up for 20x Merkins, 20x Deep Squats, 15X Sun Gods>15x Shoulder Press>15 Reverse Sun Gods

To Hand Rail behind Baseball Bleechers.   Partner 1 completes 10 Derkins on top rail, drop legs to middle rail for 10 Derkins, drop legs  ground for 10 Merkins while Partner 2 completes Alternating Lunges. Flip Flop.  2 rounds

Mosey back to Basketball Parking lot for:

The Thang

4 stations

1) Merkins

2) Goblet Squat with 2 bricks

3) Shoulder Press with bricks

4) Jumping Burpees (aka hurdle Burpees, aka Steeplechase Burpees (thanks Explosion)) (Burpee>side jump over 6″ high lumber>Burpee  back and forth)

Partner 1 does activity at station while his new best friend runs to Bathroom Shelter for 10X Dips and 10x Derkins.  Flip Flop. After both complete run, move to next station.


60 Count Chilcutt Plank

20 LBC’s

60 Count Chilcutt Plank

20 Freddie Mercury

60 Count Chilcutt Plank


Someone left a hat and a pullover at the AO.  Someone also grabbed YHC’s hat.  If anyone is missing, or has, said items please let me know.

Join 3 for 1 and Nancy at Inside Voices on Saturday for 3 for 1’s VQ

All invited to Nancy’s church, Grace Methodist Church, for  WEDNESDAY SUPPER starting at 5:45pm. $3 for adults $1 for kids.  Every Wednesday!!

Gunny reminded all of 3rd F immediately following this workout.  Harris Teeter Friendly Center

Prophet reminded all of 2nd F Wednesday Nights at Potent Potables in Jamestown


YHC took us out

It was truly an honor to lead this morning. Thanks for the opportunity and support from the PAX





PAX: G-String

QIC: 01/27/16