8 pax gathered in the ice/snow/wintry mix of a cool January morning to join YHC for his 2nd Q at the Cadet Lab. YHC noted the conditions were VERY different than his Q here last month. The amount of ice limited what YHC wanted to do #norunning. But we made the best of the less than ideal conditions and it went down something like this:


SSH x 26 IC (YHC was still trying to wake up and went 1 over what was intended)

Windmills x 20 IC (done in honor of Heisenberg)

Sun Gods x 15 IC (done in honor of Lynda)

Reverse Sun Gods X 15 IC

The Thang:

Started with a Slowjangles Biscuit (done in honor of the pax from F3 Gastonia) before we moved on to some station work.

Station 1:

15 Imperial Walkers IC

Station 2:

15 Moroccan Nightclubs IC

Station 3:

10 San Antonio Shuffles oyo (YHC was inspired by his trip to the Lone Star State last week; San Antonio Shuffle is a left leg lunge, right leg lunge, burpee, and then a plankjack)

Station 4:

10 Austin Ass Kickers oyo (also inspired by YHC’s trip to Texas; same as Alabama Ass Kicker but extended left arm for ½ the time and right arm for other ½ )

We lunged/walked/skated/slid between stations with the occasional recover. We made it through 3 rounds, and many of the Pax helped lead at the stations. We also mixed in a couple of different exercises: Nails did a nice round of Wide Armed Merkins, The Real Toto led some Hillbillies, Cube had us do some Carolina Dry Docks, and Phoenix led us through some Copperhead Squats.


Al Gore (LYnda called time at 2 minutes; felt like 10). YHC noted this was especially painful after all the lunges that were done between stations and with the Slowjangles Biscuit

Johnny Cash (5 Merkins per pax member)

To finish YHC was inspired by the abundance of ice around him to break out the song that made Vanilla Ice famous: “Ice Ice Baby”. To say the pax were excited by this would be a complete fabrication. The pax were instructed with the following:

Start in plank position. For each “ice” said in the song do a merkin and for each “baby” do a plankjack. 38 merkins were done in the song’s 4 minutes along with 18 plankjacks. Everyone (including YHC) was smoked when the song finished (and even during the song) as heavy breathing and sweating were in abundance. The mumble chatter was also strong with #ineverlikedthatguy and #isthistheextendedversionofthesong?

Great effort by the Pax at Cadet Lab. T-claps to everyone for braving the conditions.

COT: The Real Toto took us out


Q next week: Gunny

Cube requested prayer for the homeless he served at Bethesda Center on Sunday.

Heisenberg requested prayer for the Leake Family. Camille Leake goes to school with Heisenberg’s son. Leake Family had wreck on the ice Wednesday night and Camille lost her Mom in the wreck.

Nails requested prayers for his sister who suffered significant burn on her foot over the weekend. Nails also requested prayer for his son Trey who is recovering from shoulder surgery for a torn labrum and is having the same  surgery on the other shoulder this Wednesday.

LYnda requested prayer for Sherpa who fractured his hip on Sunday.

It’s always an honor to lead. Thanks for the opportunity.



PAX: 422

QIC: Udders