Awesome job this morning!  24 Pax rolled in this morning for morning activity in the warm and cozy parking garage (#noice).  Everyone did a great job!  Great seeing those guys we have not seen in a while – Snookie, Bodett, Rhonda, Lazyboy, and others.  Amphibious was rolling in hot and stated that he woke up at 5:17 am.

Missed having Sacked, Longtime, Lightyear, and others.

Went down something like this:

Mosey thru parking garage

SSH x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Peter Parkers x 20 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Sun Gods x 20 IC forward/then reverse

Amphibious rolled up and called Monkey Humpers x 20 IC (nice work)

Counted off by 4 and went to different stations.  Perform exercises as group and with one in group counting.

Station #1

  • Table Bench Press x 20 each arm oyo
  • Clean and Press x 20 oyo (both arms)
  • Curls x 25 each arm
  • Straight Arm Raise x 20 each arm

Station #2

  • Kbell Swing x 50 oyo
  • Overhead Press x 50 oyo
  • Tricep Extension x 25 each arm
  • Turkish Getup x 10 each leg with weight

Station #3

  • Situp with weight x 50
  • Low Slow Flutter x 100 single count
  • Alphabet A to Z – feet together spelling letters
  • Crunchy Frog x 40 single count

Station #4

  • Tbar Merkin x 20 oyo
  • Goblet Squat with weight x 50 IC
  • Lunge with Twist x 25 each leg
  • Monkey Humper x 30 single count

Made it thru all stations – 40 minutes

6 MOM where Wicked took the helm (awesome job!)

American Hammers x 20 IC (slow, fast, in between)

Some ab pose where Snookie said – “Is this all u got?”

One movement – Low slow flutters x 10 IC, low dolly x 10 IC, high dolly x 10 IC, low slow flutters x 20 IC

Snookie did COT


  • Be on the lookout for the 3rd F emails from JLove and community outreach email from Butt Fumble.  These guys are going an awesome job.  Next CPR class (Tammy is organizing) on Feb 19th (6:30 – 7 am).  JLove has sent out some Twits
  • Tommy Boy is putting together a team for Heart Association (see details from Butt Fumble).  May 21st is the date.  We need some team leaders to step up.  Need each Site Q to get 10 walkers each.
  • Snookie friend is going back to work this week and thanked everyone for thoughts and prayers.
  • Wicked mentioned Sherpa broke his hip.  The good thing is that he does not need surgery.  The Pax are wishing him a speedy recovery!


PAX: Bodett, Boones Farm, Brone Noser, 3 for 1, Hackman, Buck, Stickey, Butt Fumble, JLove, Amphibious, Rhonda, Flap Jack, Everest, Lazy Boy, Bubba Gump, Polar, Tommy Boy, Beaver, JR, Wicked, UGA, Snookie, Hazmat

QIC: Wilson