22 PAX joined YHC this morning for a snowman B.L.I.M.P-fest this morning at Latham Grinder.

Several PAX members began their workout early lending a shoulder to get another PAX member’s sled unstuck on the turn into Cridland.  Someone tell Bodett he missed a spot! I forgot to ask who got stuck and who freed the sled.  Please identify yourselves!

With Kilowatt (your originally scheduled Q) leading power restoration crews out of town, YHC was happy to step into the box to pinch hit in what was my first Q of 2016.  TClaps to FNG Andre West (F3 name: Royale) for choosing a snowy,icy morning for his first post and for Long Time on the EH.  Although Royale has been posting at Breakthrough Physical Therapy to log student hours for PT school, Long Time promised that Royale was not required to post.  YHC is not so sure…

In addition to the normal/official F3 Disclaimer, YHC stated that the mosey sections today should be done under control to avoid falling/injury. With that, off we went on a mosey down Cridland and around the outside of the far baseball field to the back parking area…


  • Began with 10 Burpees OYO – YHC quickly realized how slippery re-frozen snow is when on burpee rep 1, my hands went out from under me and I landed on my chest. OOF!
  • Side Sraddle Hop X 24 (IC)
  • Imperial Walkers X 16 (IC)
  • Sun Gods X 16 (!C) forward – no recovery
  • Air Claps X 16 (IC) – no recovery
  • Sun Gods X 16 (IC) backward
  • Merkins X 16 (IC)
  • Copperhead Squats X 16 (IC)

Mosey to home plate on the closest baseball field from parking area for…


B.L.I.M.P.S. were the order of the day with reps multiples of 8, as 8 is the closest numerical representation of the Snowman (and a not-so-infrequent-number on YHC’s golf scorecard). Each set was performed OYO as follows:

  • Burpees X 8
  • Lunges X 16 (each leg)
  • Imperial Walker X 24
  • Merkins X 32
  • Plank Jacks X 40 (a lot of #mumblechatter about loose footing in the snow/ice)
  • Squats X 48

Following each set, the PAX ran a suicide (at 50-75% total effort) from home plate area to four sets of cones from roughly the pitchers’ mound to the warning track in center field. Stable footing and safety was emphasized. but this did not prevent the PAX (and YHC) from being smoked.

Plank for the six and a standing 10 count called between sets

Repeato for total of 3 sets (very little #mumblechatter except during plank jacks and when next set was called – especially set 3).

Following set 3, PAX moseyed to restroom shelter area for more work:

  • DIps (Left leg up) X 16 (IC)
  • Dips (Right leg up) X 9 (IC) – Q called Omaha (relief expressed by PAX)
  • Irkins X 20

Mosey back to Shovel Flag for almost an abbreviated 6 Minutes of Mary

  • Low Slow Flutter X 20 (IC) – UGA on the guest Q
  • LBC X !6 (IC)
  • American  Hammer X 16 (IC)
  • Freddie Mercury X 16 (IC)

COT – Scooby Doo took us out, expressing thanks for F3, this group of men, safe arrivals and departures, and the ability to get better in His name.

Naked Man Moleskin

  • Welcome FNG Andre West (Royale). TClaps to you for posting for your first workout under less-than-optimal conditions.  Remember that ‘wear gloves’ means that your gloves should have full finger coverage. We hope to see you back again later this week.
  • Great job by several PAX members for stepping in to make sure Royale had proper gloves for the workout today.
  • Jordache gets the ‘Crazy Tough’ award today for posting in shorts.  Not even Gunny would do that.  You are hard core brother – well done!
  • TClaps to UGA for jumping in the circle to lead the first Mary exercise. Great job! He’s a Q School graduate who is ready for his VQ or a co-Q.  Site Qs, get him signed up ASAP!
  • Appreciate the all of you showing up, opting for the Daily Red Pill (#DRP) and putting forth a great effort (as always).  The #Grinder is a great AO with a lot of terrain to explore.  Although I asked that you dial it back a bit on the runs to keep your footing, I know from the fatigue I saw at the end that today was time well spent!
  • Congrats to Mayor on the birth of your child and (I think) your first post back since.  Welcome to parenting, the toughest and most rewarding job you will ever have that there is no training for!
  • Who was the PAX member who got stuck on the way in this morning and who freed him…


  • 3rd F right after the workout (6:30) this morning at Panera, Lawndale Ave. to pray over the PAX’ prayer requests – both those listed and those on our hearts.  Chips on the Q.

Always an honor and privilege to lead.  Thanks for the opportunity!



PAX: 01/25/16

QIC: Wojo