FOOTLOOSE comes in on foot and rest by 4WD. 3 soles enjoy the promised coffee and 3FOR1 comes in hot testing the AWD Subaru #watchoutforthefence.  YHC was planning to make a run to pick up site Q Beaver, but aborted the mission at Madison, meanwhile PROPHET drives in from Sedgefield #dedicated.  Word is there would have been more bodies but I hear many put in some extra #homewoodhills #sledding yesterday.  Oh yeah, there was snow and it was snowing at the start.  Everyone gathered their bricks and it began.  YHC learned that it is not necessary to you push button to close rear door, it can be done manually!


Mosey lap into the closed arboretum…shhhh…and #trytorunonthehardsnow

  • 25 x SSH
  • 20 x Flock o seagulls (with bricks)
  • 15 x Merkins

The Thang:

3 stations with teams of four relieving in clockwise fashion completing said reps as a group and progressing on exercises accordingly. On paper it looked like this:

Station 1

  • 240 x Irkin Rows (Single Count)
  • 180 X Step Ups (Single Count)
  • 360 X Dips (Bricks on Lap)
  • 120 X WW2 Situps

Station 2

  • 180 X Wojo Squats
  • 360 X Flock o Seagulls
  • 240 X Crab Cakes (Single count)
  • 120 X Carolina Dry Docks

Station 3

  • 360 X Hillbillies (Single Count)
  • 180 X Pull ups/Rows
  • 120 X Jack Webbs
  • 240 X Lunges (Single Count)

Omaha was called immediately and we did this as a group. We did all exercises varying around 15-30 reps per set depending on the exercise.   Bricks became optional early in the rotation as hands became numb…something about blood flow in the hands.  YHC realizes half way through that we are doubling up on Station 2 hitting on the way to and from 1 and 3.  Hey, extra Wojo squats and flocking seagulls never hurt anyone! Then footloose says let’s do forty lunges…and all of sudden our fixed rate reps started adjusting.  As a group, we exceeded the 2700 total rep goal. Flock o seagulls- over 400.  WW2 situps 160 even though YHC forget them first time around.


YHC leaned on 3 other PAX to bring us home.

Footloose led Ukrainian Twist X 25

3for1 led Ab alphabet to J

Prophet led Cindy Crawfords x 15 each side

Prophet took us out.

It was an honor and a pleasure men. Thanks for showing up during snowmageddon!



PAX: Refi

QIC: 01/24/2016