21 Pax didn’t let a few snowflakes stand in their way of posting this morning. Seriously, road conditions were suboptimal to say the least and YHC, being the Northerner at heart, was going to make it no matter what, but YHC was impressed by the representation. Beaver said the heck with driving and ran 2.5 miles to the AO. Wilson was present with a truck load of ice covered cinder blocks. Each Pax grabbed their own block, which the Pax would carry with them throughout the beatdown, and off we went:


Mosey to the church lot, where YHC called for a:

TURD SANDWICH (on white) 15 burpees OYO

  • 25 x Happy Jacks IC
  • 15 x Sun Gods forward
  • 15 x Sun Gods Reverse
  • 10 x merkins
  • 15x  Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 25 x Imperial Walker
  • 20 x Hammy Scoops   (There was a ton of mumble chatter during the hammy scoops. YHC could barely hear himself think… )

We stayed at the church lot for the first part of


Part one: Speed Bump Ladder

BURPEE/Turkish get up ladder 1/7 up with karaoke up and run back. Turkish get ups in the snow was a crowd pleaser #softerthanasphalt

Part Two: Balls to the Wall circuit

Mosey with the blocks to picnic area

Next : The Pax Partnered up,

Set one: Partner one Ascending Testicles to the wall and hold until Partner 2 finishes three exercises

Partner2: 20 dips, then 20 Derkins, 20 step ups


Set two: Partner one: Wall sit passing the cinder block

Partner two: 20 dips 20 Derkins, 20 step ups


Part Three: Merkin ladder across the frozen Tundra

Mosey with the blocks to softball field

Merkin ladder starting at the third base dugout,

1 Merkin touch the fence and back up to 5

The field was covered in three inches of snow and this got the heart rate up there.

At this point YHC asked Defib for a 10 count. This was a problem since Defib was not there. YHC may have been a little delirious but YHC ain’t telling. Onwards…

Part Four:

Mosey with blocks back to church parking lot

Ring of Fire: 200 merkins at 50 merkins, pause and do three sets of French Fries

Mosey with blocks back to the shovel flag for

6 MOM: the Pax put their sixes on ice for some:

CAPTAIN THOR: one big boy sit up to four American Hammers, up to 10/40

This is always a #crowdpleaser.


  1. TClaps to Stage Fright. This dude is posting every day, showing up to the Murph and working hard. Keep it up, brother!
  2. I-beam must be emitting some serious methane, as he melted through 4 inches of ice and snow to the ground during the Mary.
  3. We had 5 Pax show for a 20 min ruck pre-workout. It was a great warm up and a chance to bond. We will keep doing this before CW for the next couple of weeks and see where it goes.

Announcements: .

  1.  Explosion may be organizing snow shoveling for neighbors in need. Keep an eye out for details or contact Explosion
  2. Please pray for Stretch’s’ friend Leslie who is battling cancer; I-beam’s 2.0, Grant, who broke his arm and may need surgery; Gunny as he deals with the death of his Mother-In-law; and Virus, who will need two knee surgeries in the next year.

COT:YHC took us out with this passage from The Carpenter:

  • LOVE THE STRUGGLE – because it makes you appreciate your accomplishments
  • LOVE CHALLENGES – because they make you stronger
  • LOVE COMPETITION – because it makes you better
  • LOVE NEGATIVE PEOPLE – because they make you more positive
  • LOVE THOSE WHO HAVE HURT YOU – because they teach you forgiveness
  • LOVE FEAR -because it makes you courageous


It was an honor to lead



PAX: Matlock

QIC: 01/23/16