9 Pax came out to build strength at the “Murph” in honor of Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy-  Navy Seal , Team Leader , Operation Red Wings , who was awarded the Medal of Honor & Purple Heart for acts of incredible valor in Afghanistan. Those acts saved the life of the lone survivor Marcus Lutrell and cost Murphy his life on June 28th 2005. He was deemed the “The Protector” by all who knew him, as he always stood up for those who could not do so themselves! This is Christ Like behavior at the core and this is why we exist , let’s continue to build the type of strength that can protect and serve others – F3 Rocks! Another fact, The Medal of Honor is the highest level of recognition that one can receive across the entire military, this was the first one awarded by the US Navy since the Vietnam War! Here is how we honored him today:

Thang: 100 Pull-ups , 10 sets of ten reps with a 0.2 mile run between each set for a total of two miles and 100 reps. Followed by 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 400 Core (LBC / LSF) and 20 siders IC for good measure! 1000 reps, 2 miles in 45 minutes….

COT: YHC, Matlock, 3 for 1, Beaver

Prayers were held for: Virus ( Knee Surgery ), Ratched’s Mother In Law passed, Prayers for comfort in this difficult time, For those affected by the storms on the east coast-



PAX: JR, Drizzle, Matlock, Scooby Doo, Stage Fright, 3for1, Stretch, Beaver, Wicked

QIC: Wicked