22 dedicated PAX, including 2 FNG’s came out for “a-lotta tabatta” this morning.

Here’s how it went down:


5 Min of warm-a-rama made up of:

15 SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

15 Hillbilly’s

15 Sun God’s in both directions


The mosey began and we ended up at the top of the hill preparing to run to each streetlight and perform 5 burpees at each light. This ended at the stop sign, then a mosey back to the shovel flag set us up for a ‘certain hurtin’.

8 exercises – 20 sec. on – with a 10 sec. active “rest” pose between each exercise – four rounds.

Round 1 “rest” = Plank

Round 2 “rest” = Chillcut Plank

Round 3 “rest” = Reverse Plank

Round 4 “rest” = Iso squat


1. Triple Lunge

2. Introducing the Kick through

3. American hammer

4. 3 plank jacks with a can can

5. Power squat

6. Low Slow Flutter

7. X – Merkin #crowdpleaser

8. Introducing the WWII Crabcake

Once this was complete, I wanted to test the “Mircle”. All PAX plank in a tight circle (shoulders nearly touching) and perform merkins while alternating right and left hands placed on the back of the partner to your right or left.

I don’t know that this one even looked good on paper. I wondered how it would go…and now I know. Will pull that one from the “great ideas” column.


15 Box cutters

15 Dying cockroaches

15 Dirty Dogs (combo of downward dog and the pecker pusher)

10 VERY SLOW Peter Parkers


  • Congratulations to the Q-School graduates
  • If you want to be more in touch with what is going on with the three F’s in Greensboro – Get a Twitter account and follow @F3Greensboro
  • Conversations about weather cancelations of F3 workouts. Answer, use best judgement but unless the roads are dangerous with snow or ice or if there is a lighting storm, the workouts happen
  • Need continued prayers for Leslie (friend of Stretch) as she battles cancer
  • Snookie’s long time friend, Mary Jo has some health concerns – please keep her in your prayers
  • Prayers for Ratched’s family – His mother-in-law passed away this last weekend
  • Prayers for missing Greensboro women – family is friend of Megatron


  • It was great to kick off the week with Natville’s faithful and 2 FNG’s.
  • I hope everyone is as sore as I am.

Always an honor gentlemen.


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QIC: minimal