10 dedicated (or foolish) PAX worked out in the 15 degree gloom and on the frozen tundra of the Oak Ridge Town Park this morning at the Cadet Lab. Mumble chatter was at a minimum as the PAX were too distracted wondering if their fingers were still attached. This is how it played out:


Mosey around the parking lot

S.S.H. IC x 25

Sun Gods Sobriety Style IC x 20; reverse/switch legs & repeat

Chinooks Sobriety Style IC x 15; reverse/switch legs & repeat

Cotton Pickers IC x 20

Gorilla Humpers IC x 20

10 Merkins OYO

The Thang #1

11’s – Merkins / Pull-ups (1 merkin, 10 pull-ups, 2 merkins, 9 pull-ups, etc.)

11’s – Jump-Ups / Lt. Dans (1 jump-up, 10 Lt. Dans, 2 jump-ups, 9 Lt. Dans, etc.)

The Thang #2

Fartlek (“speed play” in Swedish) – Split into 2 groups of 5. Each group jogs until 1 member calls out a landmark and the group jailbreaks to the landmark. Rinse and repeat for 10 minutes.


Elbow Plank – 1 minute

LBC IC x 25

Crunchy Frog IC x 20

Freddie Mercury IC x 20

American Hammer IC x 15


Nails took us out.


Great effort by the PAX this morning in freezing conditions. Always an honor to lead,

Cube & The Real Toto



Gilmore mentioned that some of the KVEGAS PAX will be meeting Sunday evening at 6:45 at Main Street United Methodist Church at 306 S. Main Street in Kernersville and head over to the Bethesda Center, a homeless shelter in W-S to serve dinner and do a devotion. They will return to Kernersville around 9:30. Oak Ridge area PAX should consider joining the group.

Heisenberg brought some of F3’s Freed To Lead books. 3 were left with Kay to distribute to the KVegas PAX. Cost: $12

Udders has the Q next week

Nails mentioned a prayer concern for Ratched’s family. His mother-in-law passed away recently.

PAX: The Real Toto & Cube

QIC: 01/19/16