29 men braved the frigid temperatures this morning with Slammin Sammy. Great to have that many folks out despite the weather.

Warm – o – rama

Started out by running some of the perimeter of Lindley all of the way around to the back parking area via the bridge and wind chimes (?).  Upon getting to the parking area. warm a rama went something like this.

20 x Hillbillies

10 x Yoga Stretch thing a ma jiggy (in the plank position, move your right leg all of the way forward between your arms.  While in this position, lift your left arm into the arm pointed straight to the sky in order to stretch out your back and hamstrings.  Flip Flop with the other side)

20 x Imperial Walkers

5 x Frogee (frog jump followed by a burpee and instead of jumping back up, use your hands to push yourself all of the way up into a V position until you can stand)

10 x Sit Outs (Plank position, roll left to where all of your weight is on your left arm and your navel is facing in the air, then touch your left toe with your right hand. Flip Flop with the other side)

The Thang

Counted into 5 groups (5 different stations around the #FitnessCenter). Group 1 went to the basketball court, Group 2 went to the bridge, Group 3 went to the Chimes, Group 4 stayed in place at the bottom of the parking lot and Group 5 ran to the top of the parking lot.  After finishing each station, the groups ran counter clockwise in order of the stations.  The PAX made is through one full rotation before OMAHA was called.  The stations were as follows:

Station 1:

50 x Merkins

50 x Flutter Kicks

Station 2:

15 x Burpees

50 x LBC’s

15 x Jump Squats

Station 3:

50 x Carolina Dry Docks

50 x Sit Outs

Station 4:

20 x Frogees

50 x Low Dollys

Station 5

50 x Wojo Squats

50 x Freddy Mercurys


10 x Plank Lunge (start in the plank position and walk your hands out in front of you until it feels like you will face plant and hold until the Q calls you to walk your hands back into the plank position)

20 IC x Flutter Kicks

10 x Dick Simmons (not the official name but thanks to Amphibious for calling it like he sees it). Excercise to be on your six and lean back with your torso 8 to 10 inches off of the ground and your legs straight out and 6 to 10 inches off of the ground.  Move your straightened arms up and down 10 times and then do a Crunch.  The 10 arm movements plus the crunch equals 1.

20 x American Hammers


Fanny – 3rd F – Leadership book at Harris Teeter at Friendly

Hushpuppy – 3rd F- Leadership at Panera on Lawndale (J Love Q)

Profit -2nd F tonight at Potent Potables – 5:30 start

Stampede in the morning with Cheezy Poof as the Q

Explosion – looking for Q’s for Slammin Sammys starting in March

Cheezy Poof – looking for Q’s for the Starmount Stampede

Shout out to Nancy for starting a new AO for the Sole Crusher on Sundays. Fanny says if he can do it then anyone can.


Nancy took us out with encouraging words for us all to get better.


#CrowdPleasers = Frogee and Richard Simmons (compliments of Amphibious for the name).

Didnt realize that Defib was 83.  Wearing it well…


I am humbled and honored for being allowed and encouraged to lead such a good group of guys. Thank you PAX.



PAX: Hushpuppy

QIC: 1/20/2015