22 Pax joined in the fun this morning at the “Grinder” for the Core workout, temperature not an issue! As always, a great way to start the day in fellowship, t-claps to all participants for the effort and here is what we accomplished:

Warmarama: Mosey to Thang….

Thang: 100 reps of each of the following exercises, single count (Man Eater did not get the memo, sorry group 2, ) followed by 5 Burpees between sets. Thanks to those that led the workouts in each group/ teamwork!


2. Super Mans’

3. Plank Dips

4. LBC

5. Tar “Heel” Touches

6. Side Plank Dips

7. Low Dolly

8. Plank Jacks

9. Freddy Mercury

10. Partner Sit-Ups

Mosey to Mary….

  1. Windshield Washers X 25 IC
  2. Suitcases X 20 IC
  3. Side Plank Leg Raises X 10 per side IC
  4. American Hammer – Priceless – Wilson!

COT – Birds Nest

Announcements: Third F Opportunities abound, see JLove’s weekly posting.

Inspired- many thanks to Drago for the invitation to lead the Pax! Really happy to see Drago, Defib, Birds Nest and others who are fighting through chronic injuries posting to the core work as it will most certainly help the healing process, great job….

K-Bells tomorrow at the KW Fitness Center under the garage, should be balmy!



PAX: Wicked

QIC: 01/18/15