Warm – o – Rama

Start Running up the wind tunnel to the top of the parking deck

25 x Imperial Walkers

25 x Peter Parkers

25 x SSH


Partner up A and B

Partner A stays at the end of the parking deck while the other partner runs to the end and runs back.  While Partner A is running, partner B is performing the prescribed exercise.  Flip Flop.  When done, run down one level and repeat all of the way to the bottom of the deck where we started the run back up the “Circle of Wind” to wait on the six.  The exercises were the following:

Level 1 (top): Merkins

Level 2: Burpees

Level 3: Alternating Shoulder Taps

Level 4: LBC’s

Level 5: Flutter Kicks

Level 6: Merkins

Level 7: Peter Parkers

Level 8 (bottom): Floyd Mayweathers

Upon completing all of the levels and running back up to the top, the pax planked for a while until the cold set in.  Quicken suggested we do something to get the blood flowing again.  Thus, the pax took part in a little side straddle hop action until the 6 came in.  Upon everyone arriving at the top of the deck, we then ran immediately back to the bottom where Gunny led the Pax in plank exercises waiting on YHC to return.

The Pax then gathered at the small street to the north of the local honey gathering spot to complete lunges all of the way down till we got to the stop sign.

Upon returning to the grassy area, we divided into 3 groups where we competed in a little down and back suicide drill.  Kudos to Jordache for doing double time.


30 x Flutter Kicks

30 x Freddy Mercury’s

30 x LBC’s

40 x American Hammer’s


Snowden took us out with an encouraging word.


Thank you PAX for bearing the weather this morning and coming out to support the group.  Thank you to FNG’s Big Short and Bulldog (Ole Miss grad) for coming out.  We look forward to seeing you again.  It was truly a pleasure to lead.



PAX: Drizzle, Captain Ron, Gunny, Big Short (FNG, Hank Hodge ), Tiger, Bulldog (FNG, Austin Pruitt), Snowden, Quicken, Jordache, Beaver, Lynda

QIC: Hushpuppy