Warm – o – rama

Start running through the tour of lights so everyone could get their bearings straight.  With a total of 5 stations, we ran to the 4 station (the way back to station one was self explanatory at that point). Official warm o rama began at station 4 and went something like this.

25 x Imperial Walkers

25 x Windmills

25 x Hillbillies


With a Pax of only 6, we all stayed together and began at station 4.  2 exercises with many reps per station.  Upon completing the exercises, pax planked for the 6.  When the 6 was done, we ran hard to the next station.  The stations looked something like this. We made it through 2.5 rounds. #PAXwithGRIT

Station 4: 25 x Burpees and 50 x LBC’s (3 rounds)

Station 5: 50 x Carolina Dry Docks and 50 x Peter Parkers (3 rounds)

Station 1: 5 x Burpees, 10 x Merkins, 15 x Jump Squats, 20 x LBC’s, 25 x Parker Peters, 30 x Dying Cockroaches (3 rounds)

Station 2: 25 x Lunges (each leg) and 50 x Freddy Mercury’s (2 rounds)

Station 3: 40 x Merkins and 50 x Crunchy Frogs (2 rounds)

Upon completing station 1 for the 3rd time with only 5 minutes to go, Nancy made the call to just stay where we were instead of taking 7 steps to the middle of the court and make MARY proud


30 x Flutter Kicks

30 x LBC’s

30 x American Hammers


Boatshow took us out by encouraging us to be appreciative of the things we are blessed with. #HIM


Nancy reminded us of the Sole Crusher on Sunday mornings at 6:30.  Choices of 4, 6, or 8 mile runs.  TEX and Shirleys by the dumpsters is the meeting spot.

Reminder of the Grace x 2 discussion with your significant other and meeting place on Sunday nights


A little competition on some of the run portions. #getbetter.  We were sharpening some iron out there for sure.  It is an honor to lead such an awesome group of men in the workout this morning.  Thank you for the opportunity.



PAX: Hushpuppy

QIC: 01/16/2015