Q school and veterans converge on Uptown Funk for morning of Friday fun.  The Q school had 40+ Pax which is awesome!  Veteran crew of 19 Pax setup for the easy workout.

Here’s how it went down:

Disclaimer and being sure to start on time (5:32 am is not on time).  Hopefully Q school was not looking!  Gloveless Wicked needed gloves #handmodel.  Gloves were got and then it started like this:

12 burpees were called to start the morning.  Little mumblechatter about the easy workout.

Looked in the back of the truck to find a landscaping block (+/- 20 lbs).  Each Pax grabbed one and Mosey was called to the parking lot near the train depot (1/2 mile or so).  As the parking lot neared, Q arms were not doing well.  QLove leading the pack.

Circle Up for

Side Straddle Hop x 30 IC

In same plank –

Peter Parkers x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Merkins x 13 IC


Finally on fence for 20 dips and 20 decline merkins oyo  (thought maybe some Q school guys were headed our way)

Mosey with block to Davie Street Parking Deck (Q was Moseying more slowly).

The Thang:

Davie Street Parking Deck

Partner A – 1st Floor – Blimp (10 reps each) while Partner B does curls (100).  Partner A runs to second floor with bag and Partner B does a bear crawl to the 2nd floor.  Partner B does the blimp and Partner A does tricep extensions (75).  Partner -B runs 3rd floor with bag and Partner A does  crab walk to 3rd floor.  At top Partner A does a blimp while Partner B does clean and press.  Partner A runs to  4th floor with bag and Partner B does bunny hop.  Partner B does a blimp while Partner A upright row.  Partner B runs to top floor with bag while Partner A does bear crawl to top.  At top floor, Partner A does blimp and Partner B does jack webbs with the bag.  Rinse and repeat.

Cheat Sheet were handled out.  Threat of a quiz at the end of the workout was also made.  LOL!

Partner A Partner B
1st Flr Blimp x 10 reps Curls x 100
Run up Carry Block Bear Crawl
2nd Flr Tricep Extensions x 75 Blimp x 10 reps
Run up Crab Walk Carry Block
3rd Blimp x 10 reps Clean & Press x 75
Run up Carry Block Bunny Hop
4th Bent row x 75 Blimp x 10 reps
Run up Bear Crawl Carry Block
Top Floor Blimp x 10 reps Bench Press Block x75
Top Floor Bench Press Block x75 Blimp x 10 reps
Down Carry Block Bear Crawl
4th Blimp x 10 reps Bent row x 75
Down Bunny Hop Carry Block
3rd Clean & Press x 75 Blimp x 10 reps
Down Carry Block Crab Walk
2nd Blimp x 10 reps Tricep Extensions x 75
Down Bear Crawl Carry Block
1st Curls x 75 Blimp x 10 reps

During workout, I beams stretch pants were mentioned,  Are those Capri’s.  Pax mentioned that Quicken liked the LuLu Lemon brand.  JLove mentioned causal Friday and mid drift muscle shirt.  Q mentioned “Bikini Inspector” on the front.  Great stuff!

Time was called on the 1st/2nd floor down portion to head back to the 1st floor.  Once assembled, mosey with block back to shovel flag at the Church Street Parking Deck.

Wicked took the helm with much anticipation.  Wicked called for grass for the 6 MOM.  As Birdsnest squatted he mentioned the grass was wet!  Q made the call to shift to asphalt.

X and Os – Wicked gave proper form.  IC and then had Wide Left give a slow ten count.  Nice work.

Low slow flutter – slow cadence x 20 IC

American Hammer x 10 IC with low dolly x 10 IC and then followed by American Hammer x 10 IC (lots of #mumblechatter, #somebodystophim)

COT by Big Mitt

Awesome job!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  Great seeing the full Q school!


  • Proper loogie etiquette  was followed by I-beam as he went to side of the parking garage for drainage.  He even invite the Pax over to look at the good work.  No takers.  #greatcleanarea  #Bigthankyou
  • Q school turnout was awesome!  See Gunny’s email about classroom and CN schedule tomorrow.  Polar and Tommy Boy’s VQ tomorrow at CN for non Q members.  This will be awesome.


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