YHC was setting up as PAX slowly began filing in. On a relatively mild morning most it was perfect for some heart-rate recovery intervals. Some were confused by the change of location on the #shovelflag. Q decided that it is best not to have to crawl through the locked gate (#educationpaysoff). PAX were instructed to push themselves but follow form. Use heavier weights where you can, but some intervals may be better suited for smaller metal.


Mosey around parking lot

SSH x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Grab weights & mosey to high jump area of track. #mumblechatter joy as it is found to be softer than the track!

Merkins x 15 IC

Sungods x 15 IC


1 minute exercise followed by 15 sec break.

K-bell swing

Goblet squats

Turkish Get-ups w/weights #crowdpleaser

Run 1 lap; sugar rays circle back on outside lane for 6

Clean & Press

WWII sit-up w/weights

t-bar push up w/weights

Run-SPRINT length of field (100 yds); 10-count; SPRINT back

Tricep extension

Figure 8s

Lunge w/twist

Run 1 lap; sugar rays circle back on outside lane for 6


American hammer w/weight

Chest press on back. Legs up, spread’em, together, down

Run-SPRINT length 1/2 field (50 yds);10-count; SPRINT back

Sumo Squat w/weights


Good Mornings w/weights–Lighter weight recommended. Long Time gives tips on proper technique for your core. #no_copay_required #can’t_neglect_back_muscles T-Claps LONGTIME

Time was winding down and YHC sensed that the Pax needed to be pushed more and did not want to disappoint the Site-Q (YETI) and not do the ROCKY BALBOA. Pax were instructed to grab a lighter weight. Most listened this time @Sacked. Q turned on “Gonna Fly Now” aka. theme from Rocky. Pax completed toe taps against the steps for the duration of the song. As certain points PAX were instructed to hold weight, out front, and above head #Cusack. No side arm this time as Q is coming off shoulder injury. #ifYOUcan’tQit,DON’Tdoit

Return to our jump pit for mary


LBC x 15 IC

Cindy Crawford-left side x 15 IC

Cindy Crawford- right side x 16 IC (not sure why Q counted to 16??)

American Hammer x 15 IC #much_easier_without_weights


  • Great to see Eagle Eye out with us again. Hope the Natville PAX is treating you well and you are adjusting with your re-location. This guy is a #sugarray, time to get in Q’ing a WO Site Qs. #ISI
  • Prayers for Sacked for a quick recovery from shot that had him out today, but thanks for the extra weights brother!
  • the smaller PAX of 8 really pushed each other and supported one another. Try a new WO to change up your schedule/try something different.
  • 3rd F available Sunday-Friday–try one out! You would be glad you did.
  • Q-school on Saturday morning; see Gunny’s backblast
  • about 1/2 PAX headed to #Coffeeteria at Starbucks @ Battlegound & Old Battleground

It was an honor to lead today. Thanks to YETI for the oppurtunity!

PAX: 01/15/2016

QIC: Bodett