17 for the “Murph” this balmy morning at JW Elementary School! The last thing my wife said before leaving the house to Q the workout, ” Knock Yourself Out” I can honestly say – Mission Accomplished! Yes sir this workout had some twists for sure and I am in awe of the progress we are all making each week. To keep this workout in perspective, we do 1000 challenging reps in approximately 45 minutes, with two miles of running worked in for good measure! On that note, my commitment is that it will never get stale and in return you will get better each week, so keep coming and watch strong happen….here is the breakdown from today.


Two Stations – same workout at each for ten sets, each team alternates stations with a pit-stop in the middle for core work. Stations are roughly 0.2 miles apart for a grand total of just over two miles of running.

Set- 10 pull-ups, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, run to shovel flag for 40 core reps, rinse and repeat ten times – 100 pull-ups, 200 Merkins, 30 Squats, 400 Core reps.


  1. LBC
  2. Cindy Crawford
  3. Low Dolly,
  4. Partner Sit-ups
  5. LSF
  6. X & O’s
  7. Plank Dips
  8. Supermans
  9. Windshield Washers
  10. 100 count plank

COT – Stretch – Thanks brother for the excellent prayer request for our Pax this morning!

Gunny – reminded the group of the Q- School which will take place this Friday & Saturday. Beginning tomorrow at Uptown Funk…. If you’re interested in leading workouts, it’s the best way to acclimate to quarterbacking a group through a 45 – 60 minute workout. I’ve done it and can say that it provided me a boost of much needed confidence at the beginning.



PAX: minimal

QIC: yes