The Lucky 13 + YHC got after it. Thankfully it was 25º or else we would have been burning up. In addition to all the exercise it gave the Q an additional warm fuzzy feeling to see the Pax shedding layers within minutes. What’d we do to make this happen? It went a little something like this:


3rdF Highlights below announcements

Intro, Disclaimer, 0 FNGs (Need some men to take advantage of these sub-freezing temperature names)


Pax lined up 2 men to a row for some brisk calisthenics on the basketball court down and back

  • Mosey 2 laps, lateral shuffle, defensive slides, A-skips (regular, height, distance), High-Knees, Butt-Kicks, Toy Soldiers, Bounds, Zig-Zag Bounds

Circle up

  • SSH x 20 IC (speed cadence)
  • Sun Gods x 20 IC (forward + reverse)
  • Windmills x 20 IC  (speed count)
  • Leg Circuit (for demonstration purposes)
    • Squats x 20 (speed count)
    • Ice Skaters x 20 (speed count)
    • Split Lunge Jumps x 20 (speed count)
  • SSH x 10 IC (slow count – for SPF-08)

The Thang 

Part 1 – Step-Show (New) OYO

Men split up for bunching purposes. A new course was introduced to this AO surrounding an elevate rectangular school building. 20ish steps align along side of the building.

  • Climb stairs – alternate between speed step (every step) and speed step (double/trip step)
  • Picnic Tables
    • alternate between leg circuit and arm circuit on each lap
      • Arm Cicruit
        • 10 Merkins
        • 10 Incline Merkins
        • 10 Dips (Med Balls were provided for difficulty)
        • 10 Derkins
      • Leg Circuit
        • 20 squats (Med Balls/Exercise Bars were provided for difficulty)
        • 20 IceSkaters
        • 20 Split Lunge Jumps
        • 10 StepUps

5-6 rounds were completed before Pax planked it up and headed to the field for some Sprints


Part 2 – Frozen Tundra 

  • A-Skip 10 yards, sprint 20, backpedal home x 2
  • High-knees 10 yards, sprint 40 backpedal home x 2
  • Plank on Forearms, sprint length of field, A-skp home x 2
  • Sprint Circuit
    • Sprint to 25 yard cone
      • 20 Merkins
    • Sprint to 50 yard cone
      • 20 Merkins
    • Sprint Home to Fence line complete 5 Box jumps (2ft high)

3 circuits were made, Pax planked, and then moseyed to the next station

Part 3 – Recess Exercise Equipment (5 minute time limit announced)

  • Pole climbs
  • Pull-ups
  • close-grip merkin on platform
  • Back-rows with tubing
  • Tricep extension with tubing
  • Chin-ups
  • Dips on parallel bar
  • Side step over bench
  • Incline Merkin

Mary (rest/recovery was minimal)

  • 10 WWII sit-ups OYO
    • 20 Knees to chest (hands hooked to fence)
  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • Freddie Mercuries x 20 IC
  • 20 Intermediate Crunches – feet hooked in fence
  • 40 Toe-touches – feet hooked in fence
    • 20 crunches (each side) feet elevated, knee crossed leg, opposite elbow to knee
  • 20  Homer-to-Marge (hands hold fence)
  • Marges to the sky (hands hold fence)


  • NEW 3rd F –Details Below
    • Daisy noted we now have a 3F for every day of the week. Great leadership #NatvillePax
  • Prayers for fellow Pax who are pregnant. (Pebbles, Long Time, Tebow)
  • Big Mitt asked for prayers for his grandmother, 92. Was admitted to hospital early morning before this workout. She was experiencing advanced Cepsus but is starting to show signs of stabilization.
  • Butt Fumble has a number of service projects for us to volunteer for. Please speak with him for already-present opportunities and for areas that we can serve that we may not be already.


YHC took us out with a message of thanks for the men, our blessings and sufferings, and a holy life for the men just as Christ lived here.

Always an honor to lead in His name – Thank you!

~ Big Mitt

Highlights from 3rdF at Search Office on Pembroke led by Bird’s Nest

  • Reviewed the Purpose of John’s gospel that he played out in Chapter 20 verses 30 & 31
  • Verse 14
    • Word was defined
      • Nickname that John gave the Messiah, Jesus
      • Analogy made in F3. You work out, you receive a nickname. Nickname usually tells a story about the man
      • Word- informs, instructs, reveals
        • Through Jesus, God fully unveiled himself and His true character
    • God moved into the neighborhood
  • Verse 6
    • John the Baptist is introduced
      • He was analogized as the pre-game show
      • He produced build up
        • Similar to what we’ll see soon for a couple weeks for the Super Bowl
      • Preparing the people of Israel for who and what is to come
  • Verse 11
    • Undercover Boss
      • Jesus came fully God (CEO) but as a common worker
        • unrecognizable to the world
  • Verse 12
    • “believed” = TRUST
    • each man has his own opportunity, own right, own chance to become a child of God
    • Grace and Truth
      • Discussed current communities (either/or)
        • All grace (love everybody no matter what), no truth
        • All truth (Strict, Iron-Fist) no love
      • Jesus displayed how to uphold God’s word/laws while loving
  • Verse 15
    • Illustrated John (the Baptist) testifying that Jesus was always God (beginning)
      • came after him (John), but surpassed him (John), because He (Jesus) was before him (John)
  • Moses 1500 BC was given the law by God.
    • Israel was founded and growing as a nation
    • needed law
      • 10 commandments
    • law provided structure but also;
      • condemnation, shame, brokenness
  • Questions
    • Do you live up to your own law/standard? Much less God’s?
      • If no? condemnation, shame, brokenness?
      • Book points to that need
      • Book provides solution
        • Shows that God did something. He moved!
    • Trade record/resume of disobedience for Christ’s grace & truth?

Bird’s Nest prayed us out and we’ll pick up next Tuesday finishing chapter 1 and starting to look at the 7 miracles. We still have plenty of room for old and new pax alike. You know someone that needs this.



PAX: Big Mitt

QIC: 01/12/16