On another cold (23 degrees) Tuesday morning, many of the PAX sleepwalked in with minimal sleep after the football game last night. That gave some of the usual guys double reason to fartsack this morning. The Iron 7 that did post found it to be worth the effort. After a WARM-A-RAMA led by YHC, Virus put the group to work on some full body station work for THE THANG. YHC then closed with an 8MOM. Here is how it played out:


Mosey halfway down the parking lot and back.

25 SSHs IC

20 Windmills IC

30 Sun Gods (15 IC F & R)

20 Copperhead Squats IC

20 Carolina Dry Docks IC


The group stayed together as we moved through 3 stations going around the football field and ran from station to station. Here is how it was done:

Run to Station 1

Station 1: 10 Burpees, 25 Copperhead Squats (Single Count), 30 LBCs SC

Station 2: 30 Dips, 30 Step Ups, 30 Low Slow Flutters SC

Station 3: 10 Pull Ups, 30 Wojo Squats SC, 20 WWII Sit Ups SC

Station 1: 20 Flying Squirrels, 30 Lunges SC, 25 Imperial Walkers SC

Station 2: 30 Derkins SC, 20 Burpees, 30 Freddy Mercurys SC

Station 3: 15 Angled Pull Ups, 20 Lt. Dans, 30 Cindy Crawfords SC

Run to shovel flag.


15 Slow Homer and Marge Leg Raises

25 LBCs IC

20 Box Cutters IC

20 American Hammers IC

20 Freddy Mercurys IC

Run up to the first cone (60 yards) to retrieve it and return to the shovel flag.


The Real Toto took us out. Thanks brother!

Great job by Virus on his 2nd Q. Solid workout brother! Great job by the PAX again. Based on the last 6 weeks or so, maybe we should rename this workout the Wet Cadet Lab or the Frozen Cadet Lab. We make it through no matter what like the mailman. Current forecast for next week: 22 degrees and some wind, perfect. Epstein, we will be looking for you in just shorts and a light sweatshirt again brother, to prove to us how 22 degrees is not really cold. Welcome to Cube, an F3 Kernersville guy making his first visit to the CL. Come back often brother! Next up on Q for January 19th: The Real Toto and Cube. Everyone get out and EH some new guys that are fairly close to Oak Ridge.


Nemo asked for prayers for his co-worker, Keith, that is having significant sinus issues causing pain and is going through extensive tests.

Cube’s wife is going back to work after taking time off to stay home with the kids and he is asking for prayer for the adjustments for his family.

Reminder of the Charlotte Battlefrog Obstacle Race coming up on April 23rd. Sign up at battlefrogseries.com. Kernersville guys can join the F3 Greensboro team for the 9:30 wave or form their own team. The cost will go up from a current $63 plus a few additional small fees.

F3 Kernersville working on a team for the Blue Ridge Relay.

On behalf of Virus and myself it was an honor to lead this great group of men.




PAX: Virus & Heisenberg

QIC: 01/12/2016