Awesome job this warm in the warm and cozy parking garage.  10 stations of warmth.  Still sore from Drago’s workout yesterday.  Great job everyone!

Q gave the call to order and disclaimer at 5:30.  The Pax stepped up in Warm O Rama since Drill instructor Bodett has been AWOL.  Bodett, we miss u!

Please see announcements for proper Snot Rocket & Loogie ROE.  

The Pax did an awesome job starting us off –

Butt Fumble – SSH x 20 x IC

Matlock – Imperial Walker x 21 IC

Sacked – Sun Golds – 15 IC forward and reverse

Matlock for the “New move – known as Monkey Humpers for Shoulders” – x 10 IC (Thanks Butt Fumble for bbox);  YHC cannot remember the dance move notation Matlock used.  Anyhow it hurt.

Stations of Warmth when something like this:

Station #1

Partner A – T bar Merkins x 20

Partner B – LBCs

Station #2

Partner A – Overhead Press x 30

Partner B – Jump Squats

 Station #3

Partner A – Bent Row x 30

Partner B – Burpees

Station #4

Partner A – Curls x 30

Partner B – Low Slow Flutter Kicks

 Station #5

Partner A – Tricep Extensions x 30

Partner B – Alternating Should Taps

 Station #6

Partner A – Kettlebell Swing x 50

Partner B – Sit Ups

 Station #7

Partner A – Diamond Push Ups x 30

Partner B – Freddy Mercury

 Station #8

Partner A – Clean and Press x 30 

Partner B – Air Claps

 Station #9

Partner A – Table Bench Press x 20 each arm

Partner B – ABCs – spell the alphabet with feet together

 Station #10

Partner A – Man Makers (by Dos) Burpee with plank jack and standing with weights x 12

Partner B – Man Makers x 12

Think all teams made it thru at least one cycle.  We gathered at the end for Kilowatt to lead us in the American Hammer x 30 IC (nice work).  Awesome work and thank you for the opportunity to lead.

COT by Matlock (Great job)


  • 3rd F with Birdsnest this morning at Search Ministries.  This is a review of John in the Bible.  Awesome class and highly recommend.  Starts 6:30 am on Tuesday mornings off of Battleground (Pembroke road behind Moe’s).  Birdsnest does a great job
  • Q school this Friday and Saturday.  Kilowatt recommended everyone that wants to learn more and those who need a refresher.  Also there will be normal workouts for those whom are not attending the Q school.  Kilowatt has Freed to Lead for $12.  This is a great book.
  • Butt Fumble reminded the Pax for one in the group at each workout to carry a cell phone just in case of emergency.
  • Polar wanted to establish some Rules of Engagement (ROE) for Snot Rockets and Loogies.  Think this is a very valid point as Bobber and I had a Loogie occurrence on Saturday at CN.  Please see courteous to your fellow Pax and leave the AO before spitting/loogie/snot rocket/etc.  When ground, plank, etc exercises are occurring frequently, think a little thought in placement where it least affects the fellow Pax is valid and should be considered.  Thank you Polar for bringing this up.
  • Butt Fumble has some outreach projects going on.  Please see weekly emails.  Tommy Boy is working on CPR training.  More info to come out shortly.



PAX: Brown Noser, Kilowatt, Short Track, Boones Farm, Snowden, Sacked, Tea Party, Matlock, Butt Fumble, Polar, Tommy Boy, Flap Jack, Drago, Wilson

QIC: Wilson