10 pax and YHC made it out to J-town fun for 3 stations of fun …. we welcomed in one FNG to the clan “Bobcat” (Brian Kivett, from high point, works with John Deere-Hitachi in Kville, enjoys family and mountain biking) ….. 30f and had to get moving… we started w/ a quick mosey to the fountain.

warm-o-rama: (ssh, hillbillies, chinok’s, sungods, safecrackers xs & Os and merkins)

The Thang:

3 stations (chest, abs and legs) We rotated thru each station rinsed and recycled

Station A chest 20) merkins, 20) derkins, 20) erkins, and 20) wide merkins

Station B Abs  50) American hammers 50) LBCS 50) cindy Crawfords 50) Bicycle

Station C Legs 30) Copperhead squats 25) jump squats 20) Rat Slaps 25) plank Jacks

We huddled together for a PAX team round of the circuit (called and lead by the PAX) Butter called 10 burpees to the disgust of the PAX “Hollywood asked for a demo of 3”  We moseyd back to the Flag and started MOM

MOM: a round robin of Karaoke by the PAX (Drysdale brought out the Pencil)

Announcements: School Friday and Saturday, Wed: 2nd f at Potent Potables 5:30pm, 3rd F tonight at Grandover club house Clemson vs Alabama 7:30 pm on

Prophet took us out!!!



PAX: Golddigger, Prophet, Danica, Drysdale, Elroy, Buter, Chisel, Brian Kivett (FNG- Bobcat), Hollywood

QIC: Fletch