HIM: Short for High IMPACT Man. A Disrupter. That Somebody who makes things happen. A natural born world-beater. An enemy of the status quo, despised by GooNation for the threat he poses to its continued existence. A Stone.

Leaders (That’s All of You),

It’s that time to go back to school and reinvigorate the #Natville male community. Daphne, Quicken, Kilowatt, Wojo and YHC will be helping usher in some training for new guys and salty veterans alike.

F3 Greensboro has been blessed with incredible growth recent months, and we’ve reached the point where it’s critical for us to get more men in line to help lead our workouts.  So… You’re invited to attend #Natville’s 3rd Q school on Friday, January 15th and Saturday, January 16th.

Some of you may have gone through a Q school last year.  If you’ve already been through it, no need to repeat unless you want a refresher.  If you haven’t yet been through it, we would strongly encourage you to post to one or both days.

Friday will be “in the field” instruction.  Saturday starts off with some classroom type instruction inside First Friends church fellowship Hall, and then we’ll head out to Jaycee park to execute some practical application.

In three sessions, we will cover a lot of background material on the history/model/ethos of F3 as well as some practical “how to Q” pointers and hands on exercises.  You’ll learn how guided by faith and an authentic desire to lead men into becoming part of the larger story, Dredd and OBT (F3 founders) built what we all know as F3: Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.

If you have a copy of Freed 2 Lead its recommended to review it as we will cover a number of the topics in the book.  For those that don’t have a copy of the book, they’re on the way and will be available at upcoming workouts this week.  The cost of the book is $12.

Dates               Times               Location

Fri., 1/15           0530-0630         Church St Parking Deck

Sat., 1/16,         0630-0655         2100 W. Friendly Ave  (Map: First Friends Meeting)

Sat., 1/16          0715-0800         Jaycee Park

There will be other opportunities but if you don’t have a conflict and haven’t already been through Q School, we look forward to seeing you there.  If you can only come to one of the two sessions, come on ahead.  We have new leaders emerging and multiple AO’s across the county. We need your help!  #GiveItAway



PAX: Gunny, Daphne, Quicken, Wojo, Kilowatt

QIC: Fri., 1/15 and Sat., 1/16