48 PAX including 4 FNGs enjoyed the Forties. Here is how it went:


  • SSH: X 25
  • WindMills X 25
  • Peter Parkers X 20
  • Parker Peters X 20
  • 5 Burpees OYO

PAX then counted off in three

Mosey to Park


Pax Split into Three Groups

All Start at Stop Sign in Park where the Forties Begin-Each Group to finish all three 40s

Group One

    • Flying Squirrels
    • Power Squats

Each Group has to add to 40

Start 30 Flying Squirrels and 10 Power Squats Run to Bottom of Hill Do 25 Flying Squirrels and 15 Power Squats back up Hill 20 FS and 20 Power Squats, downhill 15 FS and 25 Power Squats back up Hill 10 FS and 30 Power Squats –RUN to Next Exercise

Group Two

  • Jump Knee slaps
  • Peter Parkers

Group Three

  • Merkins
  • LBC

With time running tight the PAX planked up and waited for all to complete last exercise group. Once together the PAX formed up in 2 lines and did an Indian Run the length of the parking lot back to the Shovel Flag. Wicked called a Jail Break by himself 100 yards from the Flag with the PAX in tow.

6 MOM:

  • 10 Ski abs
  • 25 LBCs
  • 15 Crunchy Frogs
  • 15 Low Slow flutters
  • 25 American Hammer


  1. Q’s School Friday at Uptown Funk
  2. Brisket Thanked the PAX their support during trying time.
  3. Butt Fumble is collecting A dollar or two from all who go to Wednesday and Saturdays for A gift Certificate for Park Security.

COT:   Wicked took us out. Thanks,

It was an honor to lead today. I would not trade these days in for anything.



PAX: J-Love, Sugar cake, Double Check, Longtime, Acre, Spam, Houlihan, Reboot, FNG –Tiger (Adam Dubois) ,Polar, Hootie, Amelia, FNG-Daniel Son (Conner Breath), Wait Time, Polo, Scooby-doo, Bed bug, FNG-Stage Fright (Angel Guerrero), Chips, Tommy Boy, FNG Wookiee (Chance Phillips), Ewok, Norwood, Bundle, Stretch, Virus, Kilo, Heisenberg, Cavity, Bobber, Matlock, JR, Bubba Gump, Man Eater, White Lightning, Gilligan, Butt Fumble, Wicked, Sacked, Brisket, Ozone, Lynda, Sendek, Wilson, Jordache, Hazmat, QIC XEROX

QIC: Xerox