Most of us thought there were two FNG’s present during the introduction and disclaimer but when it came to the Nama-O-Rama there was only one FNG (welcome Chapter 13). The whereabouts of the mysterious FNG are still unknown, could be an alien abduction, desertion or he possibly slipped into another dimension. We will have to file this in the F3 Natville X-Files. Now back to the Funk—The morning started with the Wedgewood Stampede Clown Car rolling in a nick of time to run a two-mile warm-up lap before the official kickoff of Uptown Funk.  After the warmup run, YHC and Hush Puppie conspired in a workout that would push the PAX in mileage and moderate pain. Before the festivities started, YHC thought it would be good to recite a quote from Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk will funk you up”. After the chuckles subsided, the group of 46 was split into two groups – Group A takes off with Lynda to Federal Place (home of the Greensboro Police Department) while Group B sprints off with Hush Puppie to the Local Honey AO.


Group A (Lynda)

  • Sungods X 15 IC (forwards and backwards)
  • Elbow stretch – Mumble chatter – Quicken was not in the mood for stretching
  • Monkey Humpers X 15 IC

Group B (Hush Puppie)

  • Windmills X 15
  • Hillbillies X 15
  • Peter Parkers X 15
  • Parker Peters X 15

The Thang

Partner up -Partner A performs exercises (see below) while Partner B runs to the intersection and then runs back to Partner A – Flapjack- When Partner A returns from run, go to the next exercise in the rotation.

Group A (Run along Federal Place from Washington Street to McGee St)

Group B (Run along Bellmeade St from Grass to N Eugene St)


  • LBC’s
  • Merkins
  • Wojo Squats
  • Crunchy Frog
  • Turkish Getups
  • Peoples Air Presses
  • Lunge Gods
  • Bird Dog – each side 30 seconds

Mosey back to Children’s Museum

6MOM – Amphibious held the plank patrol and waited for the 6 and the Q’s to come in

  • LBC’s X 20
  • Dying Coach Roach X 20
  • Flutter Kicks X 20
  • American Hammer X 35 (wow!)

COT – Longtime took us out


  • Q- School next Friday at Uptown Funk – Good time on how to learn to Q and also get a workout accomplished
  • Quicken reminded everyone that he needs Q’s for Uptown Funk


  • Excellent work today men- running pace strong
  • Over 3.75 half miles completed according to the bionic watch
  • Many of the new guys are getting stronger and faster, keep it up! #f3paysdividends
  • GPD notified ahead of time about the swarm of PAX running outside their building
  • Hush Puppie provides music during workout – Lynda does not (boo!)
  • Tommy Boy and Chapter 13 get lost traveling to local honey AO – time to buy a F3-GPS
  • Seven PAX enjoy a two mile warm-up pre-workout – let’s keep this going every Friday!
  • Keep an eye out for the missing FNG

PAX: Ratched, T-bag, Tommy Boy, Chapter 13 (FNG- John Pait), Polar, Longtime, Fannie, Mayor, La-Z-Boy, Prophet, Elsa, Cummings, Wide Left, Cheesy Puff, Boatshow, Tebow, Explosion, Amphibious, Bartman, Pinkman, UGA, Hackman, Chaps, Tammy, Bubba Gump, Ozone, Secretary, Xerox, Drysdale, Gold Digger, Cavity, Shank, Tea Party, Outhouse, Daisy, Rhonda, Hermie, Hoser, Defib, Boy Wonder, Estrogen, KY, G-String, Duke of Earl, Quicken, LYnda (Q), Hush Puppie (Q)

QIC: LYnda & Hush Puppie