The PAX assembled their armada of kayak’s and canoes and set off across the foggy channel.

After a brief polar plunge we ruled out the swim portion of the workout on account of the 45 degree water.  Here is how the balance of the workout went down:

  • Beach Landing and Shovel Flag planting with dry shoes all around followed by a brief warm up

SSH, Monkey Humpers, Sun Gods, Windmill, Wojo Squat, Alternating Shoulder Taps (all 15 IC)

PAX moseyed up hill and checked out AO for placement of 3 stations of work. After each exercise run to next station. 3 loops = 9 runs of 400 yds each.

  1. All 20 count; Merkins; Squat; Burpee.
  2. 20 count: Pull Up; Standing Rows- Pull; Lunge 20 each side
  3. 20 count: Dips, Irkins, setup 20 each side

While looking heavenward lunging around playground equipment a bald eagle swept past the PAX. A wonderful sight that reminded the PAX of the strength of our country. A gift not easily secured.

Repeat. This round. Continuous exercise before running to next station.

6 MOM led by ChYna


Dying Cockroach 15 IC

Low Slow Flutter 10 IC

Cindy Crawford 15 IC

American Hammer 20 IC

Potential New Exercise…. “Capsizer” as in after you capsize your craft you use this to kick to shore. On your back with legs 1 foot off ground perform exercise like Low Dolly, but cross over.


Explosion took us out.


PAX: 01/09/16 Huddleston, VA

QIC: Cheesy Poof