What: Slammin Sammy’s Smackdown

When: 12/30/2015

QIC: Explosion

The PAX: Cummings, Gunny, Tebow, Elsa, Ratched, Girth, Wilma, Mother Fracker, Betty, .edu, Tammy, Calculus, Freud, Leverage, 3 for 1, Fannie, Cavity, Lightyear, Nancy, Cheesy Poof, Miller Lite, Uga, Hackman, Ambhibious

Workout went down something like this…. An invitation to get a variety pack workout extended to the PAX as they close out the year.

Mosey to Lindley Elementary for Warm-A-Rama

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Windmill
  • SSH
  • Sun Gods
  • Parker Peters

Count off in 3’s.

Group 1 go to hill on edge of property for 20 yard run to top and Jacobs Ladder. 12 Burpee at bottom; 1 squat at top.

Group 2: Modified Murph on playground

3 sets: 10 pullup; 20 merkins; 40 LBC

Group 3

Take bricks to track.

1/2 lap partner carry; 1/2 run

1/2 lap run ; 1/2 lap bear crawl

Brick military press till failure

PAX finshed 2-3 stations. Ran back to Lindley Park at for Mary

Group 1 did not get to bricks so carried bricks. Long Haul (#ideas for future)

T-Claps to Amphibious for starting Mary.

Q finished with some X and O fun.

A great time to finished off the year.