Sweet! 21 of Natvilles Studs showed up for the “Murph” beatdown… Temps were noticeably warmer this morning and just kept heating up. Great work and T-Clapps to Pinkman and Wilson for stepping up to lead this past two weeks, and it’s exciting to see us growing to the point where we may need a new AO to accommodate soon, love that problem! Next week we will add a fun twist to the workout as we continue to grow and develop new skills and muscle strength. The core of the “Murph” workout will always remain intact but from time to time we will alter the edges to stay on our toes! Keep coming gents, it’s a great way to be strong and as you can see a great and different workout than most others…..Here is how it went down…

Warmarama- 1 mile run

Thang- 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups , 300 squats, 400 core exercises…over 10 sets….10/20/30/40 rinse and repeat.

Mary- 1 mile run

COT: Pinkman

New third F launched today Q Longtime GreenJoes on Battleground.

Be on the lookout for Q school – Gunny will send out details soon, Friday and Saturday rotation – very well done I would encourage anyone who is wanting to lead to attend!

Birds Nest new Third F Tuesday’s 6:30-7:00 am at Search Ministry behind Moes on Battleground Ave. Bible study for all , Pearce will be leading us in the Gospel of John and this study will be 25 minutes of teaching with 5 min of Q&A. Designed for anyone searching for answers! No interaction commitment required, come and learn or engage with questions if you so choose….




PAX: Pinkman

QIC: 01/07/15