On a frosty 20º Wednesday morning, 24 PAX made their way to Sammin Sammy’s Smackdown to test themselves against the elements, sustained exercises and a little running thrown in for good measure. After Amphibious’ 2-wheeled arrival, things got off to a late start (as Nancy astutely pointed out), here’s a brief recap.


Mountain Climbers x20 IC

Freddy Mercuries x21 IC

Imperial Walkers x20 IC

Sun Gods x12 Forward/x13 Reverse IC

Merkins x21 IC


As YHC began explaining the day’s workout and the level of mumblechatter began to peak, it was clear control over the PAX was lost and it was time to either get to it or freeze to death. After counting off into 4 different groups, this is how it went…sort of:

Station 1:

Round 1: Merkin variations

Round 2: Step Ups and Squats

Round 3: Plank variations

Station 2:

Round 1: Lunge variations

Round 2: Mountain Climbers and Parker Peters

Round 3: LBCs

With a group at Station 1 and another at Station 2, the remaining 2 groups set off for a run from the respective stations to the far end of the baseball field parking lot and back to relieve the group at the next station, a .36mi round trip journey. So, if you started at Station 1, you completed as many Merkins as you could stand (3-4 minutes worth) until you were relieved by another group. Your group then ran the .36mi jaunt then relieved the group at Station 2. Your group proceeded to do Lunges for the next 3-4 minutes while waiting to be relieved so you could run another loop and head back over to Station 1 where you moved onto Round 2 exercises. #seemedsimpleonpaper Needless to say, there was no chance the PAX were ever getting through all 3 Rounds at both stations, but they sure gave it their best and managed almost 1.5mi of running in the process. Strong lungs = stronger bodies.


After managing 2 full rounds at both stations, YHC called time for an abbreviated Mary:

American Hammers x30 IC

Low Slow “Wilson” Flutters x15 (single count) #crowdpleaser


  • NEW Sunday workout continues this Sunday morning at 6:30am, meeting in the Tex & Shirley’s parking lot. Come join Nancy as he leads the brave through the Sole Crusher on 4, 6 and 8 mile running routes. Guaranteed to get your workout in and still have time for a cup of coffee before heading off to church with the family.
  • This Saturday marks the 2 year anniversary for our brothers in F3 Winston-Salem. Let’s fill the clown cars and head out to help support the group that brought F3 to Greensboro this Saturday at 7am at Hanes Park in Winston-Salem.

Nice job by all this morning. Way to keep moving despite the extremely frigid temps!



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