YHC led 11 Polar Bears and Cheeseheads through the coldest day of 2016. Most showed up to say they posted on the coldest day of the year and the others for the 3rd F to follow. Not sure how many men to expect, the Q offered the men the option to split-up but they opted to stay together without anybody actually saying a word.

3rdF Highlights below announcements

Intro, Disclaimer, 0 FNGs (men missed out  – good names were brewing)


Pax lined up in 6 rows of 2 for some brisk calisthenics on the basketball court down and back

  • Mosey 2 laps, lateral shuffle, defensive slides, Carioca, A-skips (regular, height, distance), lunge with open arm to sky, High-Knees, Butt-Kicks

Circle up

  • SSH x 20 IC (speed cadence)
  • Sun Gods x 20 IC (forward + reverse)(large circles after 10)
  • Windmills x 20 IC  (speed count)
  • Leg Circuit
    • Squats x 20 (speed count) -Hush Puppy
    • Ice Skaters x 20 (speed count) – Bird’s Nest
    • Split Lunge Jumps x 20 (speed count) – Gilligan
    • Frog Jumps x 5 (QIC)
  • Human Arrow (Plank on Forearms) Hush Puppy with the count (kind of) (may have been counting sheep and fell asleep) Mumble Chatter woke him up
  •  Imperial Walkers x 20 IC (speed count)
  • SSH x 10 IC (slow count – for SPF-08)
  • Repeat Leg Circuit listed above

The Thang 

Part 1 – Merry-go-Round (Brain Freeze made the instructions more complicated than necessary – spoken and received)

Men lined up single file to run this merry-go-round with a few exercise obstacles.

Station 1 – Elevated ramp (Merkins)

  • Merkin ladder
  • 1 LT. Dan in between (short guys got the most work)

Station 2 – Basketball Court – Med ball carry and launch

  • Carry med-ball (8-12lb) to opposing baseline
  • power squat and launch – med ball overhead for heigh and distance

Mosey to next station

Station 3 – Picnic tables for an Arm Circuit

  • 10 Merkins (speed count)
  • 10 Dips (speed count)
  • 10 Incline Merkins (speed count)
  • 10 Decline Merkins (speed count)
  • 5 step ups (each leg)

Rinse and Repeat until time is called

Part 2 – Frozen Tundra (took a short cut to optimize time on the field)

  • High-knees 10 yards, sprint 20, backpedal home
  • High-knees 10 yards, sprint 40 backpedal home
  • Lateral Shuffle 10 yards, sprint 20, A-skip home
  • Lateral Shuffle 10 yards, sprint 40, A-skip home
  • Plank on Forearms, sprint length of field (Repeat-Home)

Part 3 – Recess Exercise Equipment (Q asked for 20 dips, 40 close grip merkins, 20 pull-ups)

  • Pole climbs (first time dry enough)
  • Pull-ups
  • close-grip merkin on platform
  • Back-rows with tubing
  • Tricep extension with tubing
  • Chin-ups
  • 20lb exercise bar step-ups and chair (bench squats) Bar fully extended overhead
  • Dips on parallel bar
  • Side step over bench


  • 40 LBCs
  • 20 Intermediate Crunches – feet hooked in fence
  • 40 Toe-touches – feet hooked in fence
  • 20 Intermediate crunches with feet interlocked to fence
  • Flutter Kicks – IC x 20 (speed count)
  • Freddie Mercuries – IC x 20 (speed count)
  • 20  Homer-to-Marge (hands hold fence)
    • 6 inches – Knees to Chest
  • Marges to the sky (hands hold fence)


  • NEW 3rd F –Details Below
  • Prayers for fellow Pax who are pregnant. (Pebbles, Long Time, Tebow)
  • Convergence in Winston Salem  – 2 Year Anniversary
    • Hope some of our Natville homies will consider coming over for the 2 year anniversary convergence this Sat 1/9/15 Hanes Park 7am!


YHC took us out with a message of warmth from the Lord in a cold world.

Always an honor to lead in His name – Thank you!

~ Big Mitt

Highlights from 3rdF at Search Office on Pembroke led by Bird’s Nest

Bird’s Nest led about 15 men in a study on John. Wilson provided Coffee and Donuts. Study is introductory and each lesson will stand on its own. Bibles were provided. Outline handout also provided

  • Difference in the 4 gospels explained
    • Matthew – Jesus is the Messiah
      • written to the Jews by a Jew
    • Mark – Jesus is the perfect servant
      • written to address the Romans
    • Luke – Jesus is the perfect man
      • written to the address the Greeks
    • John – Jesus is God. Explains Jesus’ divinity from the manger on
      • written to the Gentiles
  • John’s Purpose (John 20:30-31)
    • Reserved for the end of the book
    • Miracles = signs
      • Many more miracles were done, John selected a few so that we may believe. Equivalent to signposts, road signs in destination to somewhere, not where we are currently. (Example: on your way to Winston – Salem, fork in the road with a sign saying Winston-Salem. You don’t stop at the first directional sign that says Winston-Salem. You continue on)
      • Believe = Trust
      • Son of = Perfection or Equal to in the original Hebrew
      • Miracles are not the point. They serve as a sign as to who HE is.
    • Verse 31: If you are reading, you are clearly alive and have a life. John is referencing a Spiritual Life here.
      • Rebirth: Spiritual Birth, Spiritual Family, Spiritual Life
    • Unitarianism example given and discussed
      • A unitarianism God creates out of necessity. There is no object of his affection
    • Trinitarianism
      • God has always had and been love
      • Has no need for us, but our creation demonstrates their glory
        • They share their glory with us.
  • John’s Outline
    • The Introduction – John 1:1-18
      • “In the beginning” Same words that start Genesis 1
        • Word foreshadowed to verse 14 “The Word became flesh” = Jesus
        • insert Jesus in place of “Word”
          • In the beginning was Jesus, and Jesus was with God, and Jesus  was God.
          • Q: Which came first John 1 or Gen 1? A: John 1
      • Preview of creation
  • Bird’s Nest prayed us out and we’ll pick up next Tuesday where we’ll continue with the Introduction and start the 7 miracles.


PAX: Big Mitt

QIC: 01/05/16