Last F3 workout of 2015 was had at The Starmount Stampede.  Tammy closed out the December to Remember.  #Tclaps to the Wedgewood PAX who stepped up to take all the Q’s for the month.

The pax moseyed 1/2 mile to the corner of Hobbs and Beverly for the Thang

Wedgewood laps with a push up Hobbs hill and a coast after the top of the hill. Loop is 0.8 miles – fast guys did 4 laps the rest of us did less. Planked for the 6 before running back to Lindley as a group.


Freddie Mercuries x 20

Low slow flutter x 15

American Hammer x 20



Nancy is starting The Sunday morning Sole Crusher run the week. Meet at the Tex and Shirley’s parking lot for run to start at 6:30am. Run will be set for 4, 6, and 8 miles depending on how far you wanna go.

Prayers out to Annie. He will let us know if there’s anything we can do for him.

Thanks to Nancy for taking us out. Appreciate the opportunity to lead this morning. Happy New Year to all!