On a crisp 22 degree morning with a cool breeze, 11 PAX took on the Cadet Lab Challenge and warmed up nicely. Epstein came in shorts, a T shirt and a sweatshirt to show us that it was not really that cold as he shivered through it. I think he did have some Hot Hands in his gloves though. YHC tried to help him out with every kind of merkin I could think of and in the end it really did not seem that cold. Here is how it went down:



20 Carolina Dry Docks IC

20 Copperhead Squats IC

25 Windmills IC

30 Sun Gods IC (15F & 15R)

Suicide Run Warm-Up


Some station work that went like this: 4 stations. The PAX divided up at different stations for Round 1:

Station 1: 25 Mountain Climbers, 25 Wojo Squats, then run to station 2

Station 2: 20 Crunchy Frogs, 25 Carolina Dry Docks, bear crawl halfway and then run to station 3

Station 3: 25 Dips, 20 Decline Merkins, then run to station 4

Station 4: 25 Plank Jacks, 20 Jump Squats, then run back to station 1 for Round 2

Station 1: 20 Merkins, 30 SSHs, then run to station 2

Station 2: 20 Monkey Humpers, 25 Windmills, bear crawl halfway and then run to station 3

Station 3: 20 Step Ups, 20 Wide Merkins, then run to station 4

Station 4: 15 Burpees, 20 Lunges, then run back to station 1 to Rinse and Repeat until time was called.

The PAX made it most of the way through another round before time was called. Sound familiar? THE THANG was the same as was used some time ago. It gets the job done and definitely warmed everyone up. Mosey back to shovel flag. Thanks to Butt Fumble, we now have an official Cadet Lab shovel flag. Thanks brother!


25 LBCs IC

15 Low Slow Flutters IC

20 Cindy Crawfords IC (10 on each side)

25 American Hammers IC

Run 70 yards up and back

COT: PMI took us out.


For Saget, who was laid off this week. Looking for another job.

For Morris, whose grandfather has serious stage 4 brain cancer and may be in his final days and weeks. Comfort for Morris, his grandfather and the family.

Be on the lookout in the Kernersville News for an article on F3 Kernersville this week.

Discussed the Battlefrog Race event in Charlotte on April 23rd. Kernersville guys can decide to join the F3 Greensboro team or form their own team. Go to battlefrogseries.com and look up the Charlotte race. The F3 Greensboro team is doing the 9:30 AM wave so sign up for that. Cost: currently $63 + a few other fees. Sign up now. The price will go up.

Great job by the PAX today. It was great to see 11 guys out on such a cold morning. It was an honor to lead this group of men again.




PAX: Heisenberg

QIC: 01/05/2016