Awesome job this morning in the warmth of the parking garage Level P1.  Great way to start off a morning!

One of the greatest things today was seeing TPS out there this morning!  Awesome having you back buddy and looking sharp!

Went down something like this:


Mosey around Parking Deck

SSH x 15 IC

Partner up for (16) Stations of Warmth

Work out of the Day (WOD)

Station #1 – #16

  1. SSH x 30 IC
  2. Squat and Curl x 30 each arm oyo
  3. Table Bench Press x 15 each arm
  4. Body Builders with weights x 10 oyo – Named Man Makers by DOS
  5. Kettle Bell Swing x 50 oyo
  6. Turkish Getups x 10 each leg oyo
  7. Goblet Squat x 30 oyo
  8. Snatch x 30 oyo
  9. Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
  10. Kettlebell/dumbbell situp x 30 oyo
  11. Crab Cakes x 30 IC
  12. Dying cockroach x 15 IC
  13. Tbar Merkins – 10 total
  14. Overhead Press – 15 each arm
  15. TriCep Extensions – 20 each arm
  16. Bent Row – 20 each arm

20 Burpees before next cycle

COT by Snookie!


Birds Nest 3rd F at 6:30 at Search Ministries on Tuesday morning.

PAX: Hoser, Lightyear, Brown Noser, Butt Fumble, Kilowatt, Sacked, TPS, Matlock, Longtime, Nancy, Snookie, OnTime, Duke of Earl, Cecil, Boones Farm, JLove, Wilson

QIC: Wilson