What: The Megalodon aka – The Mega, The Camel, Class Action, The Winston, Secondhand Smoke, The Dirty Dash

When: 3/12/16

Where: All over The Dash

What: DashStrong’s first #CSAUP event

Gentlemen, having participated in The Bear, I wanted to bring this kind of “fun” to our fair city. There are many, who don’t know what The Bear is, so don’t know what The Mega will be.  First, the name – after running into copyright issues with our original name, YHC did some searching for a new name.  It turns out the state mammal of The Old North State is none other than the gray squirrel.  Being completely embarrassed about this fact, YHC kept searching and learned that The Megalodon was our state fossil.  If you don’t know, the megalodon was the biggest and baddest shark in the pre-historic waters. Since this beatdown is bigger and badder than a normal beatdown, it seemed appropriate.

So, what will it be? – simply put, an F3 beatdown of increased proportions.

0700 Gather and Launch from BB&T Field

– mosey to Kimberly Park Elementary – ~1.5 miles

– Pain station #1

– mosey to downtown – ~1.3 miles

– Pain station #2

– mosey to Hanes Park – ~ 1 mile

– Pain station #3

– mosey to Reynolda Village ~ 2.5 miles

– Pain station #4

– mosey to Wake Forest ~ 1 mile

– Pain Station #5

– mosey back to BB&T stadium

Total miles – ~9

Each pain station will last about 15 minutes

Total time – 4 hours

Before you start launching into all the excuses about why you can’t do this, know that you can! Is it hard? Yes. But if you can complete an hour long F3 workout and/or run a 5k, you can do it.  We’ll have obstacles to keep the fasties in sight of us #Tractors.  Start together/finish together.

We are working to get different regions to Q the different pain stations.  Bring some hydration and some energy sustenance and get after it!  For those who’s joints don’t allow that kind of distance pounding, ride a bike between pain stations!

We will also want/need folks to take pics, follow in cars for possible mobile hydration, and any bonus logistics.  So, there are other ways Dash Pax can support!

The event is free, but we wanted to add a give back element to it, so YHC is working with Big Brothers/Big Sisters here to add an optional donation option plus raise awareness of a great organization that works to raise up men and women of character.

Here is a link to info about The Bear to see what we’re copying:

More info will be coming as we fine tune things, but right now, mark your calendar, start training and get ready for a great event!

PAX: F3 Nation

QIC: Dash Pax