43 Pax including 5 FNG’s showed up in the cold gloom (30 degrees by my count) for a 2016, non-holiday #backtoreality beatdown. Jordache debuted as VQ. It went down something like this:

W-a-R (Mosey to the Graveyard):

SSH x 20 IC

1 burpee

Copperhead Squat x 20 IC

2 burpees

Chinook X 20 IC

3 burpees

Imperial Walker X 20 IC

4 burpees – #mumblechatter

Windmill x 20 IC

5 burpees

Mountain Climber X 20 IC

6 burpees – #mumblechatter

Monkey Humpers X 20 IC

7 burpees


With the Pax nice and warm Jordache took for a mosey ALLLLL the way down to the front gate to the park for this jam:


Pax broke up into 4 groups and headed to the 4 CORNERS:

Corner 1 – 10 burpees #mumblechatter #q’sdidn’tsyncup

Corner 2 – 20 deep squats

Corner 3 – 30 merkins

Corner 4 – 40 plank jacks #jlovehateplankjacks

rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise until time is called


YHC called time after about 2 full rotations #smoldering and moseyed the Pax down to Shelter #2 for:

THANG 2 (knockoff of Yeti and Sacked’s beatdown of a couple months ago)

Betwixt the Turtles

PAX partners up. Partner A puts his hand on the stone turtle #random while Partner B gets ready to exercise. At the starting gun Partner A takes of running to the stone turtle at the top of the hill, getting there by any means necessary. With all the rain, the creek crossing was a little dicey. Some Pax had shiny new xmas shoes that they didn’t want to get dirty so they elected to take the long way up the road. Other, less sartorial, Pax members forged the creek thru the mud or across a frosty fallen tree a-la the scene in the movie The Goonies #slickshoes. All running Pax stopped on the road for 3 burpees before touching the top of the hill turtle then heading down, back to the shelter to relive their partner. As a team, the exercises were:

100 – Merkins

100 – Wojo Squats

200 – Flutter Kicks

100 – Carolina Dry Docks

100 – Crab Cakes

Rinse and repeato.

With a little time left the Pax formed two lines for a little double applesauce back up the hill to the parking lot.


Jordache lead us in 6MOM thusly:

LBCs x 20 IC

Box Cutters x 25 IC

Shoulder Taps x 20 IC (slow cadence)

Hammer x 20 IC


Slow mosey back up to the shovel flag breaks out into Jailbreak for the last 100 yards. Very cool impromptu convergence with a large group of ladies finishing up a race who wanted selfies with the Pax around the shovel flag #F3works



Butt Fumble will be sending out info on a wintertime mens shelter thru Grace Church. Be on the lookout for the opportunity to serve here.

Butt Fumble will also be taking up a collection for a gift certificate to give in appreciation to the Jaycee Park security officer who puts up with us.

New workout – Sole Crusher happening tomorrow morning @ Friendly w/ Nancy

3rd F’s are now happening nearly every day… Hushpuppy’s house tonite.


Snooki took us out


As always it was an honor to lead… and a treat to be a part of Jordache’s VQ. Great work to all!



PAX: 01/02/16

QIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlYOBkW3CDo