Q was worried about the condition of the PAX after New Years Eve celebrations and a 7 am start time.  But no worries the PAX did not disappoint!  Q challenged everyone to step up their weight today because we lowered the reps and slowed down the count.  Thanks Sacked for the weights and the slow counts!  Here is how it went down

Warm O Rama –   Matlock Style

Happy Jacks: 5 SSH IC with 2 Squat Jacks, rinse & repeat for 5 sets for until nobody can breathe.

Dorothy Hamills: 10 IC each leg

Sungods – Cant remember

HILLBILLIES:            30 IC


1 Lap around the track


Station 1 20 reps of each exercise

  1. Curls 10 each arm
  2. Squats
  3. Clean/Press
  4. Kettlebell Swings
  5. Tricep Extensions 10 each arm
  6. Bent over Rows

Mosey to station 2

Station 2 – 20 Merkins, 20 Scorpion Dry Docks, 10 Flying Squirrel

Knee highs to station 3

Station 3 – 20 Peter Parkers, 20 crab cakes, 10 superman banana

Butt kickers to station 4

Station 4 – Variable-PAX chooses the exercise.

Everest – PlankJacks with a jujitsu combo

Heisenberg – Imperial Walkers

Hushpuppy – Burpees

Sprint back to station 1 (rinse and repeat) – Hushpuppy is definitely a Sugar Ray.  Thanks for leading us on the planks and 6 inches til the 6 were in!


Captain Thor:            1 sit up to 4 American Hammers the goal is to get to 10:40

Lots of mumblechatter and a real crowd pleaser!  Matlock killed us on this one…. #donttellwicked about this.


Coffeeteria at Brueggers – nice turnout!

Matlock called for PAX to join him and some friends to watch the OSU vs. ND game – Char Bar at 1:00

Hushpuppy and Fanny holding 3rd F at this house Sunday nights starting at 7:30.  Starting a new book about relationship with Spouses.  Heisenberg’s wife has already signed him up!  haha…  Should be a great time of fellowship and learning.  – Thanks for hosting Hushpuppy.

Matlock announced that Annie (fellow PAX) is recovering well from his heart attack. TPS is also recovering and we look forward to having both of you back out soon!

Longtime starting a new 3rd F on Thursdays at Green Joe’s on Battleground after workouts. Birdsnest starting his study on John next week on Tuesdays.  Plenty of 3rd F opportunities sprouting up.  Encourage PAX to try one.  #ironsharpensiron

Breakfast Burrito’s served to homeless on February 20th after inside voices.   Will be hosting PAX at Yeti’s house to make Burritos on February 19th.  Let me know if you are interested in either gathering at my house Friday night for cooking and fellowship or handing out the Burritos on Saturday morning.  Love to have Families help handout on Saturday.  email Yeti at dboone@compassfp.com if interested.

April 23 Battlefrog coming up in Charlotte NC!  sign up now and join the F3 Greensboro team!

COT – Philippians 3:10 read by Yeti and Matlock took us out!  Thanks Matlock

Happy New Year to All!





PAX: Yeti & Matlock

QIC: 01/01/2016