As the gloom lifted on Saturday, October 4th, 2014, over 600 pax from around the country descended upon the Leatherneck. While we may have come from different cities, states, and backgrounds, we had one thing in common: a bond, represented by a single letter and a single number, enclosed within a circle. (For those of you that aren’t quick on the uptake, YHC is talking about the F3 logo).


6.4 miles, 36 obstacles, MUD.

Once again, F3 DEMOLISHED the competition. Out of the top 20 teams overall, F3 holds 16 of those spots. That’s right, 80% of the top finishers were F3 teams. Team South Beach CRUSHED it, shaving slightly over 6 MINUTES off their Spring time. In fact, all 3 of the Top Teams (South Beach, Bigfoot, and Tempo) shaved considerable time off their spring performance, putting in SUB-50 times!

Race results are here:

F3 Specific Race Results and Spring Top Seeds HERE:

Our bodies were muddy and our beer boat was full, as was our hearts after a moving Operation Enduring Warrior presentation, where Dredd presented them with a check for $8000 and their very own shovelflag. One amazing thing to note is that we raised almost $4000 right there, at the Mud Run, within the timespan of about 30 minutes. WOW. YHC is blown away by the generosity and outpouring of donations at the 11th hour. I spoke with OEW later in the day. Not only were they speechless at the generosity of our donation, but the REALLY, REALLY dug the ShovelFlag (Thanks Raider!!!)


As you may know, a Mud Run doesn’t get organized by itself. Nor does one man do it. It takes a team. This year, we had a FANTASTIC team that helped to make this one of the best Mud Run’s yet. Here are the pax members that made this wonderful event possible and deserve your T-Claps!

  • Region Q’s: These guys were the ultimate cat herders. They answered many of your questions, helped organize your teams, found free agents for you, coordinated logistics for getting to the Mud Run, and were great stewards of the Mud Run by motivating you to sign up and get on board:

    Charlotte Metro – TML

    Charlotte North – Jolly Roger & 66

    Charlotte South – Gummy

    MECA – Chowder

    Columbia – HeeHaw

    Lake Murray – Smokey

    Greenville – Flay & Lt. Dan

    Raleigh/Durham – GnardDogg

    Fort Mill – Tatanka

    Winston-Salem – Lumbergh

    Charleston – FEMA

    Florence – Foxy

    Hickory – Taz

    Tallahassee – Waco Kid

  • Refreshment Q’s: These guys DEFINITELY need T-Claps from you. They ensured the Beer Boat was stocked, iced, and ready for you all to dive into after hitting the Leatherneck. They worked with F3Columbia and F3LakeMurray to get beer, water, and Gatorade donations, so that F3Nation would have ample liquid libations after their muddy trek.

    Neck Brace


    Low Dot (Providing the actual “boat” for the BeerBoat!)

    Malko & Team MudGear for sending down all those sweet F3 Koozies to keep the beers cold

  • Photography Q’s: These folks gave their time to spread out around the course and snapped shot after shot to get your ugly mugs saved for posterity.




    Say What’s M (Jennifer Gibbons)


  • Volunteer Q’s: These folks weren’t running, but wanted to help. And help they did! Assisting with setup, collecting donations, handing out shirts, helping to take care of anything else anyone needed to make sure the day went smoothly.


    Cherry Bomb (Napalm’s 2.0)

    Elizabeth (Sway’s 2.0)

    Alter Boy

    Blue Crab

    Slim Jim

    Tuff Guy

    Fountainhead (that giant check for OEW didn’t come out of thin air)

If I missed anyone, please let me know!

F3Columbia’s Robber set HUGE expectations with the success of the Spring 2014 Mud Run. He also set an AWESOME template for future Mud Run Q’s to use.

What we have, what we do, and what we are is, to use a word that doesn’t fully capture it, amazing. NONE of it would be possible without you, the pax of F3Nation. Your spirit, dedication and generosity is what continues to make this thing we have grow, get better, and do better.

UPDATE: Pic links are IN! See below and find your ugly mug!

F3 October 2014 Mudrun OEW Presentation

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 1st F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 2nd F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun 3rd F

F3 October 2014 Mudrun Groups/Teams

F3 October 2014 Mudrun Flags/Shirts


See you in the gloom,