Welcome to F3 Greensboro

F3 — our three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith — traces its roots to a free, participant-led boot camp workout held on Saturday mornings at a Charlotte, N.C., park since 2006. F3 Greensboro was launched on the second Saturday in October 2014, at Jaycee Park with help from the men of F3 Winston-Salem and F3 Charlotte.

Our Mission

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Our Credo

Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.

5 Core Principles

Are free of charge.

Are open to all men.

Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.

Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.

End with a Circle of Trust.

Happenings in the Gloom

1507, 2024

Humid Mosey at LG

PAX:  Kenny G, Wojo, Hermes, Etch a Sketch, Everest, Bunny Slope, Huffy, Lynda, Birthday Suit, Scooby, Gilligan, Ozone, Birds Nest, Cheddar, Hazmat, Mesquite, Drizzle (QIC) Mary:  SSH, Sun gods, lunge stretch, tree (yoga style) Thang: The PAX embarked on a 2.5 to 3 mile round trip run through Latham Park and Fisher Park with various exercises along the way.  The stops and exercises went something

1107, 2024

Diverge and Converge Stampede

Starmount Stampede 2024-07-11 PAX: Hermy, Mesquite, Drizzle, Guiding Light, Blowout, JWoww, Doherty, Peashooter, Extractor, Jingles, Maneater, Cornhole (QIC) A bit cooler this morning than the last few mornings. Still hot out there, but a cool hot. Which was nice. Because we had a lot of running to get to, we only did a short… Warm-a-rama Runner’s Lunge – left leg forward (shared F3 Mission) Runner’s

Workout Locations

F3 workouts take place at publicly accessible venues, including parks, school campuses, churches — even in parking lots!
Browse the listing below to explore workout locations.

Visit F3 Northern Alliance for NW Greensboro locations.

Find an AO

Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Life Community Church JTown Beatdown 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Drysdale
Latham Park Latham Grinder 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Huggies
Jefferson Elementary Quaker Crater 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Nails
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Grace UMC Arise 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Sandpiper
Irving Park Elementary Fenceline 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Pity the Fool
Tanger Building Parking Deck Shake Weight 5:30am 6:15am Dumbbells / Bootcamp Gekko
Leonard Recreation Center Blue Plate Special 5:45pm 6:30pm Bootcamp Expired
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Bellemeade St and Commerce Pl Local Honey 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Newhart & Bobby Knight
Jaycee Park Natty’s Hump 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Ricola
Lindley Park Slammin’ Sammy’s Smackdown 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Short Squeeze & Snakes on a Plane
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Lindley Park Starmount Stampede 5:30am 6:15am Run Quick Draw
Jaycee Park Sweat Angel 5:30am 6:15am Kettlebell / Dumbbells Shocker
Jaycee Park Closing Time 7:00pm 7:45pm Bootcamp Flo
K&W Cafeteria Hobble and Gobble 5:30am 6:15am Ruck and Coupon Oli Slick & 50cc
Smith High School Ink Well 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Boy Wonder & Backdraft
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Church St Parking Deck Uptown Funk 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Saban
Irving Park Elementary Castle Tour 5:30am 6:15am Running PAX Led
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Jaycee Park Northern Ruckus 6:00am 7:00am Ruck PAX Led
Jaycee Park Cornwallis’ Nightmare 7:00am 8:00am Bootcamp Mugsy
Mendenhall Middle School Rainbow Dash 7:00am 8:00am Bootcamp Stryker
Dudley High School Wakanda 7:00am 8:00am Bootcamp City Slicker
Location Workout Title/Twitter Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Caribou Coffee at Friendly Center Sole Crusher 6:30am until Run PAX Led
Jaycee Park Ruck the Dog 7:00am until Ruck PAX Led

We never rest on our 6!

As part of F3 Greensboro, you know we’re never satisfied with good enough. Below are a few ideas we’ve got cooking in the pot. But you already know this isn’t where it stops…have a suggestion, let us know!

Built-in Calendar

We’re developing an integrated calendar for EVERYTHING F3 Greensboro. This will be the one stop shop for workouts, 3rd F meetings and times, and any upcoming event where we can grab those opportunities to “Grow, Plant and Serve!”

2nd F Updates

We all love the Shenanigan’s Updates, but what if you could get them anytime you wanted in a calendar format that would allow you to add any event to your personal calendar via an Apple Cal or Google Calendar link? Yep, it’s coming!

PAX Requests

As the F3 Greensboro PAX continues to grow, so should the ways in which we communicate and represent ourselves to the community. Have an idea that you think belongs on the site? Send the info our way and we’ll see how we can make it a part of F3Greensboro.