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Welcome to F3 Greensboro

F3 — our three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith — traces its roots to a free, participant-led boot camp workout held on Saturday mornings at a Charlotte, N.C., park since 2006. F3 Greensboro was launched on the second Saturday in October 2014, at Jaycee Park with help from the men of F3 Winston-Salem and F3 Charlotte.

Our Mission

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Happenings in the Gloom

2209, 2017

One Tired Lion

Where: Lunatic Fringe When: 9/22/2017 QIC: Cecil The PAX:  J-love, Amelia, Schnitzel, Matlock, Daphne, Spiders, Fanny, Splinter, Silicone, Daniel Downing - FNG - Lt. Dan, Boat Show, Wojo, Daisy, Tea Party, Xerox, Don't Cha Know, sacked, Geech, Scooby Doo, Italian Stalion, Hush Puppy, Etch a Sketch, Milli Vanilli, Jitterbug, Hazmat, Round n Round, Slum Lord, Chips, 'Amy' Polar, Bodett, Blue Oyster, Hoosier, Norwood, Shocker, Bed Bug 36 Pax braved

2209, 2017

Just Another Old-Fashioned Beatdown

Workout Date: 09/21/2017   On a glorious day in Natville, 16 bleary-eyed GI Jokers opted to kick the #fartsack in the Baby Maker and post to Sweat Angel for their #DRP. A great decision seeing that YHC had a grunt-style beatdown in store. After all, you gotta start your weekend off on the right foot. After a quick call to order, YHC covered iterated what F3

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Workout Locations

F3 workouts take place at publicly accessible venues, including parks, school campuses, churches — even in parking lots! Browse the interactive map below to explore workout locations.

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F3Greensboro AO Details

Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Jesse Wharton Elementary Circle Time 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Bodett
Life Community Church JTown Beatdown 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Prophet
Latham Park Latham Grinder 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp I-Beam
Jefferson Elementary Quaker Crater 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Bed Bug & Flo
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Grace UMC Arise 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Magic
Oak Ridge Town Park Cadet Lab 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Heisenberg
Irving Park Elementary Fenceline 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Gilligan
Greensboro Day School Track Shake & Bake 5:30am 6:15am Run Everest
Tanger Building Parking Deck Shake Weight 5:30am 6:15am Kettlebells Dr. Phil
Iron Ore Park Night Shift 7:00pm 8:00pm Bootcamp Wicked & Xerox
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Bellemeade St and Commerce Pl Local Honey 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Hermie
Jaycee Park Natty’s Hump 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Tommy Boy
Lindley Park Slammin Sammy’s Smackdown 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Explosion
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Oak Ridge Town Park Cadet Shuffle 5:30am 6:15am Run the Real Toto
Jesse Wharton Elementary Murph 5:30am 6:15am the “Murph” Wicked
Summerfield Community Park Sad Clown Killer 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp Xerox
Lindley Park Starmount Stampede 5:30am 6:15am Run Cheesy Poof
Country Park Sweat Angel 5:30am 6:15am Kettlebells Stage Fright
Country Park Closing Time 7:00pm 7:45pm Bootcamp Apollo
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Greensboro Day School Track Lunatic Fringe 5:30am 6:15am Run/Kettlebells Matlock
Church St Parking Deck Uptown Funk 5:30am 6:15am Bootcamp
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Lindley Park Inside Voices 6:00am 7:00am Bootcamp Cummings
Jaycee Park Northern Ruckus 6:00am 7:00am Ruck Roker
Kernodle Middle School Cougar Town 6:30am 7:30am Bootcamp Crawl Space
Jaycee Park Cornwallis’ Nightmare 7:00am 8:00am Bootcamp Butt Fumble
Mendenhall Middle School Rainbow Dash 7:00am 8:00am Bootcamp Woody & Gilligan
Location Workout Title Start Time End Time Workout Style Site Q
Tex & Shirley’s at Friendly Center Sole Crusher 6:30am until Run Refi

We never rest on our 6!

As part of F3 Greensboro, you know we’re never satisfied with good enough. Below are a few ideas we’ve got cooking in the pot. But you already know this isn’t where it stops…have a suggestion, let us know!

Built-in Calendar

We’re developing an integrated calendar for EVERYTHING F3 Greensboro. This will be the one stop shop for workouts, 3rd F meetings and times, and any upcoming event where we can grab those opportunities to “Grow, Plant and Serve!”

2nd F Updates

We all love the Shenanigan’s Updates, but what if you could get them anytime you wanted in a calendar format that would allow you to add any event to your personal calendar via an Apple Cal or Google Calendar link? Yep, it’s coming!

PAX Requests

As the F3 Greensboro PAX continues to grow, so should the ways in which we communicate and represent ourselves to the community. Have an idea that you think belongs on the site? Send the info our way and we’ll see how we can make it a part of F3Greensboro.